I love Kenneth from V.A!

Yes, love. Why, you ask? Well, look at what just came in the mail through a trade with Wax Heaven.

Incredibly, those are not the only cards that came in. There was also some Canseco cards that were not scanned, and hell, he even threw in some Derek Jeter cards for Tatiana. No, I did not get these cards for free. Want to see the insane lot I traded to get these cards? Well, here you go;

Did I give too much? Perhaps. Am I happy with the trade? Absolutely. So I gave away my biggest pull of 2007 and some other great cards but in return I not only received my first Jose Canseco autograph in 18 years of collecting, I was also flooded with game-used jerseys and bats and some rare gems, like the ’91 Topps Desert Shield. Not too shabby.

This brings my Jose Canseco collection up to 779 different cards, including 3 autographs and 21 game-used memorabilia cards. 800, here I come!