Chris Berman is now a legend

12 02 2008

Oh man, I absolutely love these videos of Chris Berman. There is nothing greater in life than having a bloated, corny ESPN announcer teaching us how to smuggle drugs into the U.S! Please, don’t let these videos come to an end.

“a little 8% Codeine never hurt anybody…”




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12 02 2008


12 02 2008

I have met Dan Patrick. I have drank with Dan Patrick. And you, Chris Berman, are no Dan Patrick.

12 02 2008

That is so funny, I wonder when he comes back over the border, whether the border agents will ask if he has any duh, duh, duh?

12 02 2008
Jason "JBob" Hartigan

I’m really starting to like this side of Chris Berman, he certainly has a career as pharm tech at CVS Canada.

12 02 2008

Got to love Berman

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