Beckett: My Collections

I keep hearing about a feature exclusive to Beckett Media where you can input your entire collection into a database and it spits out a nice little report. Now, I don’t have time to sit on the computer for the next two weeks and input my close to 800 different Jose Canseco cards to test out their system so instead I chose to feature my only other player collection, Andrew Miller.

All you need is a FREE Beckett account and some spare time and with a little work you will come out with a nice, nifty report in no time. This is a screen capture of my report for Andrew Miller.

The only thing you don’t get is the book value (look at “Subscribe Now!”) Of course, what that means is you have to send money. Their cheapest package is $5.99 for a month subscription and the most expensive goes for $54.99 for an entire year. Definitely a great value if you sell a lot of stuff or are a big time Super Collector but for me I am thankful for their free service for my humble collection. I expected that my 19 Andrew Miller cards would equal to about 60% of all cards released of this young pitcher but as it turns out, there are 542 released which gives me a percentage of….(help me out, nerds!).

Below are three of my favorite Miller cards that I own. The Beckett My Collections doesn’t add the price of very rare cards (low numbered, etc.) or cards that have not hit the magazine (Topps ’52) but overall it is a very nice way to keep track of your favorite player’s cards!

Check out Beckett’s My Collections HERE.



  1. I have been putting some of my stuff in recently and love it. It is a little harder doing individual players because sometimes I don’t know exactly what card I am looking for. Last night I put in the 1956 and 1957 Topps cards my father-in-law gave my boys and it was real easy to do. Just open up the set you are dealing with and check them off. So far I have done my 56 and 57 Topps, my son’s Big Papi collection, and My Roger Clemens collection.

  2. It took me a while to input my Canseco collection-but man when you are finished, just having a detailed record like that of your collection is priceless.
    Its a pain in the ass with some cards and variations but well worth it-once you get the bulk of your collection in the system, its smooth sailing.

  3. I personally use Excel for my George Brett card list. It is based off the Beckett checklist and then allows me much more flexibility in terms of sorting and additional annotations.

    I have tried to use the “My Collector” in the past, but it is an excruciatingly slow process. The only time I use it now is to back out new release pricing before the new Beckett arrives at my house (You know the previous total and then you know from the new total the price of your card).

  4. Mario, I doubt anyone will read this comment since the original post is so old but I figured you would see it when you moderate it. I built an Excel Spreadsheet that will convert all of the Beckett info from My Collections for you. It’s not foolproof and I figure the guys at Beckett wouldn’t like it too much. I think they built their site around it being difficult to export and use elsewhere. I can email it to you with instructions if you like. It takes awhile to get your collection in Beckett but once you copy and paste it out to Excel and run the macros, you have a much better database of your collection. If you, or anyone else that happens to read this comment wants a copy let me know.

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