Baseball Card Flashback – Don West

I can’t seem to find the date when this particular video was filmed but I remember seeing his shows around 1995 or so. Check out what Don is trying to pawn off for $199. Considering the players in those boxes are 90% commons, would you be willing to plunk down that money for every one of those factory sets? Here’s a better question, in the mid-90’s, was that “deal” worth that price? I would have someone pay me to accept all those cards into my collection, seeing as it would take me an entire month to organize 13,000 cards.

5 thoughts on “Baseball Card Flashback – Don West

  1. Man, I thought Don West was a stroke on TNA Impact wrestling………

    I was fortunate enough to not have to suffer through these things thank God!

  2. chemgod

    You have to understand, he was on ALL THE TIME in the 90s. I don’t know how you missed him. I actually bought 2 of his items a Griffey Jr. UDA jersey and a Ripkin Jr UDA jersey both for $175 each. I later sold the Griffey for $300 and the Ripken I got a Gretzky signed hockey stick (NHL authenticated) and a Brett Favre signed Super Bowl hat (NFL authenticated). So not all his stuff is crap, but when you look at what you get, each of those sets now is worth at least 10 bucks. The 1987 vending box is probably worth more because of the Bonds rookie. So in the end you get your money back. Don’t forget about getting your Mark McGwire Gem Mint 10 rookie card!

  3. I had to suffer through these every night after midnight. Everything looked so cool back then and it’s mostly common crap now. If I would have had a credit card back then, I would’ve wasted a lot of money. Does anyone else think the one guy sounds like Jeff Foxworthy making a “You might be a redneck” joke?

    If your 1990 Fleer is worth less than a few items on the McDonald’s value menu… you might have a factory set.

    If your 1991 Donruss is worth more as shredded kitty litter… you might have a factory set.

  4. Rob C.

    Classic! You made my day….I remember him almost having a heart attack every time he spoke about “The most insane deal ever on TV” The good old days!!

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