This is the video of a much more plump Mario Alejandro taking a few swings for the first time since late ’05 when I suffered a rotator cuff injury that killed my short-lived but extremely rewarding semi-pro baseball career. If you look and study the 8-10 swings, although I did not whiff once, I could only follow through in just one of the swings. That is my body telling me that mentally, it fears hurting again. Luckily, I was able to finish the at-bat without any pain which makes me wonder what I could do if I had time to devote myself to my first love (sorry Tatiana).

Check out the last swing. I am lucky I did not kill anyone!

You can also check out the Infamous Tatiana’s incredibly in-depth Fan Fest post at her blog. She has a lot of photos not seen in my own post. Whatever photos is leftover might be included in a photo-only post tomorrow.