The pioneer of video box breaks

Much like Ben Henry from The Baseball Card Blog is looked at as the Godfather of card blogs, there is one man that goes by the name ‘Doctor Wax’ that has revolutionized video box breaks and has turned something that was once looked at as completely dull for any non-collector into an Internet phenomenon. Don’t believe me? Check out the 1,000+ video box breaks on YouTube. Of course, quality varies from the ridiculous and over-produced, to the just plain creepy and everything in between. If you look hard enough you will find some quality ones but for my money, I’d go with the Doc. He probably wasn’t the first but with close to 400 videos, he certainly has the right to be called ‘King of Video Box Breaks.

I’m about to show the world just how much of a card nerd I am but, sometimes when I am home alone and eating lunch, instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching a repeat of The Simpsons, I will go to YouTube and watch a video box break, specially one of a product I am considering purchasing. If you are as big a nerd as I am, you will appreciate this YouTube link with all of the Doc’s box breaks categorized by most views.

…if you are new to the site, you can also check out our video box breaks. There will be new ones coming soon!



  1. Yeah Doc Wax is crazy!
    I bought a Canseco auto from him a little over a year ago and he directed me to his site
    There was a guy who surgically removed Jersey pieces from game used cards-over 1000 of them-and put them on a white cotton T-shirt and then put the shirt on The Bay and Doc Wax filmed himself sitting in front of the computer on Ebay and winning the shirt and then the video cuts to him and his buddies getting the shirt in the mail.
    That was a pretty big Ebay auction, it was on and was getting alot of attention and Doc Wax used it to promote his own shop/website.

  2. what would posses a person to start a project like that? and what does one do with the shirt after they won it? any idea what the shirt went for? Either way the Topps box break video are wreched and evil, no one could possibly watch them.

  3. yeah , i’m a regular viewer of his show. The Doc is awesome , always seems to have a lot of enthusiasm and energy when it’s comes to cards and boxes. great to hear that he will now you will be able to buy a franchise a Doctor Wax Battle Sports Card Shop anywhere in the U.S. seems like a cool idea , especially since there is nothing like it on the west coast.
    Go to the tube and check out some of his archieves or watch him every Wednesday 7-10PM EST. Laterz

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