53 reasons to love Cardboard Junkie

Several months ago I sent DayF a bunch of baseball cards, all Braves from the likes of Andruw & Chipper Jones to some prospects and so on. As a gift to celebrate his one year bloggin’ anniversary, I sent out a 1/1 Printing Plate from his favorite set, Allen & Ginter. Days, weeks, and even months passed as he looked through his massive collection for Jose Canseco cards I might need and today the trade finally became complete when 50+ Canseco cards, 10+ Derek Jeter cards (for the Infamous Tatiana) (blog coming soon), and a few Hanley Ramirez & Andrew Miller Cards came my way.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this trade is that out of over 50 Jose Canseco cards sent, more than half were cards I needed. That’s pretty unbelievable these days. Thanks, DayF for all these wonderful cards and for having one of the best baseball card blogs around! I now have 786 different Jose Canseco cards thanks to you!

P.S – It’s official! Tomorrow the Infamous Tatiana and I are going to the Florida Marlin’s Fan Fest. If you are a reader of Wax Heaven and want to meet up to watch Tatiana & I stalk Andrew Miller for an autograph, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment. Expect many pictures from the event tomorrow night!



  1. Man, before too long you are gonna be giving me some competition!!
    This is what collecting is all about, a great community of people helping each other.
    You guys rock!!

  2. That Canseco 2002 Stadium Club WS Relic card is one of four I have needed for about six years to complete that insert set. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me!

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