2008 Marlins Fan Fest

Last night I went to sleep full of excitement from an opportunity to meet future Ace pitcher Andrew Miller and the rest of my Florida Marlins at the official Fan Fest the next morning. The Fest didn’t begin till 10 A.M but I set my alarm to 6 to make sure we were on the road by 7:30 (remember I have a kid & a girl—and both waste a lot of time). When we were ready to go we opened the front door and found that my Pontiac Grand Am had been stolen. Let’s just say that between filing police reports and talking with the finance company on the phone, the day could have been a disaster if it weren’t for one noble, almost heroic man who works for the Marlins but didn’t even give us his name. This is our baseball hero! More on him later.

The Fan Fest began with registrations, lots of them. You had to register for the free autograph sessions, register for the clubhouse tour, register to win prizes, etc. After waiting for tickets to the autograph signing we found out that the first session had three players; each person got one card, marked “A”, “B”, and “C”. There were no names and you pretty much got stuck with whoever was assigned to your letter. Unfortunately, after an hour of waiting in line Tatiana and I got stuck with two players we didn’t even know and to be quite honest, weren’t the friendliest guys that day. If you could guess their autographs, you are smarter than I am because I don’t remember.

Next up was the clubhouse tour which I eagerly anticipated more than anything else. We could either do the tour or wait an hour for the next session’s tickets and then wait in line again for the next three players to sign. At this point, we were left with a bad taste in our mouth from the first bunch so we decided to do the tour. Big mistake!

Last night I had Tatiana print out self-made baseball cards with “WaxHeaven.com” and some other catchy slogans to give out to fans we would meet that collected baseball cards. We figured that would be a great way to advertise and bring along some new fans. Unfortunately, we only had time to make four.

When the tour began we started making our way down halls we had never had access to before. During one of the boring speeches I heard people talking outside, so much like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory we strayed from the group and ran into none other than Luis Gonzalez!!! Despite ripping into him at Wax Heaven a month ago, I was a bit star-struck.

He was there about ten minutes posing for photos and talking to two reporters (and Wax Heaven!). The other player was even nicer and posed for photos with Tatiana and received the first of the Wax Heaven baseball cards, which he seemed to enjoy!

After a few minutes we managed to make it back to the tour and just in time, too because we got to visit the team’s dugout, bathroom stall and all. Just imagine how many times Miguel Cabrera was in there after one too many meals at Taco Bell!

Next up we were taken to the Press Row on the 3rd floor where all the beat writers spin their yarns. At this point the tour turned into a 15-minute infomercial to buy season packages but once again we slipped away and met this behemoth! He is one half of the Twin Towers, if you don’t know. Sorry for the blurry pic.

After being reprimanded a second time for leaving the group we were stuck for another thirty minutes as the second autograph session was about to begin. By the time it was all done we rushed downstairs only to find out the second session tickets were all out. Who did we miss out on getting autographs from? Well, two scrubs I have never heard of and one Andrew Miller, the one guy we went there for.

What made matters even worse was that security wouldn’t even let me get close enough to take a picture. The one you see above had me almost kicked out when the douchebag below was called for “crowd control”. About 10 fans were told to keep away from the railing and to get in line if we wanted an autograph. Of course, we didn’t have tickets so we couldn’t. Sir, I hope you fall off that ridiculous thing!

Well, this is where our savior comes in. Earlier that day Tatiana had heard the gentlemen at the autograph ticket booth sneeze twice and after “blessing him” they shared a short, but friendly conversation about the team and most of all, our player, Andrew Miller. He promised us that no matter how many other people come through that he would look out for us and boy did he ever. He rushed to Andrew Miller’s people and within minutes we had two tickets to get Miller’s auto…not to mention a very angry Haitian security guard looking quite defeated as we shot her a smile.

Yup, we were the last ones allowed to get Andrew Miller’s autograph and unlike the previous three players, he was a class act all the way through. When I got up there all I did was hand him my ’52 Topps Rookie Cup card and say “thank you Mr. Miller”. His response? He began chuckling at someone calling him mister. After he signed, he flashed another innocent smile and I wished him good luck in ’08. When Tatiana got up, she handed him an ’07 Topps Turkey to sign AND a Wax Heaven baseball card which he seemed to love. He was smiling all the way through and the last words spoken by Tatiana was, “welcome to the team”. He was absolutely awesome. Thanks Andrew, for not crushing my image of you. I hope you win 20 in 2008 and if you visit the site, drop us a line sometime. Maybe we can do a baseball card-related interview sometime.

If anyone is wondering, that card is never hitting eBay or will be dealt in a trade. These two cards will be two awesome treasures from an amazing day of baseball fun after a not so great Saturday morning. Thanks to Mr. Miller, the Marlins employee who came through for us, Tatiana for driving, and everyone at Wax Heaven for continuing to support the blog. You can expect the Infamous Tatiana to come through with a Fan Fest blog of her own within a few hours. You can also expect a lot more photos as well as a completely different perspective of the day. Let me just say, she seemed to be very popular among the Marlins players and there is photographic evidence to back it up.

After the autograph session we went to eat lunch and afterwards I took a spin in the Major League batting cages and no, not the type you see at arcades, etc. This was the real thing and despite my Rotator Cuff injury of 2005 and me looking more like Cecil Fielder instead of Jose Canseco, I hit every single ball pitched to me. A video might hit Wax Heaven later tonight. After this activity the crowd tripled in size and there was no way we could stay and wait for Hanley Ramirez or Cameron Maybin, unfortunately. Our son was at his grandma’s and we had to pick him up by 1 P.M, which we did.

By the way, the Wax Heaven cards will be included in random future trades made through the site from this point on. Already one has been sent away to a certain gentleman who keeps sending free Jeter and Canseco cards at his own will. Thank you and you can expect a couple of other goodies in your mail very soon.



  1. That is AWESOME! Great auto from Miller. I need to get my Fanfest post up one of these days. I resolve to find my USB cable for my digital camera this weekend or else. Sucks about the car though, that’s terrible.

    By the way your first two autographs are from relief pitcher Reynel Pinto (#37) and 1st baseman Mike Jacobs (#17). #8 in the photo is new third baseman Dallas McPherson.

  2. That looks like a really cool day-besides the car thing.
    They may be the Marlins, but at least its a team that is close by to root for!

  3. Glad you had fun. Getting autographs in person is always a great thrill. I remember when I met Chris Sabo back in 1988, very nice guy at the time (and why shouldn’t he have been, he was a rookie after all).

  4. The two “scrubs” you never heard of at the 11am signing were Cody Ross, who started 48 games last season, mostly at CF and hit a 1.064 OPS and Jeremy Hermida, 114 games last year, all at RF. He was also one of the highest touted prospects the Marlins have ever had. He struggled a bit at the beginning of last season but had a ridiculously great second half with a .949 OPS. He’s also a walk machine.

    Some “fan” you are.

  5. Thanks for the comment, Rab. So you know, 2007 was my first season back into baseball after 5 long years without watching a single game.

    To be honest, though….I came to see Miller, Hanley, Maybin, Uggla, and Gonzalez. Obviously they are not scrubs if they are Major League players but to me it was not worth waiting in line after line to get them to sign.

  6. Wow Rab you are a real encyclopedia of knowledge-lets try to make a first response on a blog a positive one instead of trying to toss around stats like everyone should know them.
    Where those guys on your “fantasy” team or something?

  7. @whatthehellme
    Since when did a response, especially to something negative, have to be positive? I don’t believe that he needs to know that stats, I believe that a fan of a team should know the starting right fielder. Especially one who has been part of the team since the end of 2005.
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off so…dickish. I just get very passionate about my team, and especially hate it when our guys are cast off as a bunch of “scrubs”.
    The first two signatures you have there are #57 Taylor Tankersley, our great lefty reliever, and #17 Mike Jacobs, our injury prone, but good, starting first baseman.

    Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about Marlins baseball.

  8. On my behalf, Rab, I would like to welcome you to the Wax heaven community, we look forward to your input on all the baseball related topics that come up.
    Its water under the bridge.

  9. Now boys, let’s play nice.
    Good start, ‘whatthehellme’.
    Rab, welcome to Wax Heaven. Sorry if the “scrubs” comment left a bad taste in your mouth, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right?
    Me, personally, my two favorites from the Marlins were traded, D- Train and Cabrera. Thank God I now have Andrew Miller, because Hanley has been getting a little cocky because of his status.
    Anyhow, I’m guessing you are a Marlins fan, hence the “I just get very passionate about my team”, comment.
    Do you reside in South Florida?

  10. Yeah, I’m a Miami guy, and die-hard Marlins fan. I haven’t really been into the baseball card thing since I was a kid, I’m more into getting baseball’s signed. No matter how “scrubish” the player is, although waiting over an hour in line to get an signature from Nate Bump back in 2005 really sucked.

    And whatthehellme, thanks for the welcome.

  11. Very cool. Well, once again, welcome. And thanks for stopping by my page. 🙂
    I didn’t mind waiting in line for those guys. For me, it’s not about the players… it’s about the game and the environment. I was just happy to be there. 🙂
    It’s my husband that’s the baseball snob. 😉

  12. Thats wassup… Now all you need to do is cover a fan fest for a real team. Like the Red Sox. Ight

  13. Jaime, it was a lot of fun. I would love to go to another one from ANY team but I guarantee to make it back to ’09 Fan Fest.

    Rab, one thing you will find out is that I always offer my opinions, no matter who might get offended. The truth is, I love baseball and admire baseball players for the skills they have. That is why this place exists.

    Thanks again for reading.

  14. We just read your article and we were the ones who took the Stadium tour together and left to see Luis Gonzales and McPherson. Remember in the first tour we tried to get back on the tour and they said we had to go in with an official and one of us said that we got lost from the tour and then they finally let us in. It be cool if you were to mention us in the article please.

  15. I remember you guys! You were really great when it came time to get us back in with the group and helping me name players! Thanks. 🙂
    Good thing we stuck to the “We got lost!” story!

    Do you guys collect cards or you just a fan of the sport?

  16. All this talk of Florida…. Well i’m leaving Ohio from 3/2 to 3/7 for spring break. I’ll be mainly in Orlando as that is where the Magic Kingdom is but if ya’ll know of any baseball related places i should see while i’m in America’s wang (Homer Simpson said it not me) just tell me. Keep in mind i’ll have to convince my girlfriend.

  17. i absolutly love your story. that guy was like superr nice. and oh my gosh, i love andrew miller with every bit of my heart. my first marlins game was on june 7, 2009, and andrew just happened to be pitching that night. and i loved him!! im like so seriously in love with him and i want to be able to meet him sooooo bad! im so totally jealous of you guys but i think its cool ive finally found someone who loves andrew miller too! i’d love to hear anything else, like more stories or photos that you guys have. 😀

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