Valentine’s Day Contest & more

A few weeks ago a member at the Beckett Message Board posted a topic asking for help identifying some late-90’s inserts. In his scan I noticed he had a cool-looking Jose Canseco so I shot him a quick private message asking if it was available for trade. His response? “Send me your address and the card is yours.”

Well, today, instead of the two packages I have been waiting for, this unexpected gift from Richard in Las Vegas arrived. The back of the card is completely white so all I know is that it is made from Fleer Skybox and it is a ‘Metal Smiths’ insert that appears to be from 1999. Thanks, Richard for my 763 different Jose Canseco card!

With that out of the way, I’d like to remind everyone that the second Wax Heaven contest is right around the corner. As you may remember, the first was a huge success. I have yet to decide on the prize but you can expect something worthwhile (I hope). The only clue I can give you is to brush up on your baseball card collection from the years from the years 1909 to 1989. Oh no, I’ve said too much!


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