Is Florida doomed?

I don’t know where to begin. I have always been a baseball/boxing fan exclusively but lately with so much Sports Talk Radio in my ear I haven’t been able to spread my prejudice towards basketball & football as regularly as I normally would. Let’s face it, it’s tough being a sports fan and living in South Florida. Within the last six months I have had to watch as two of my favorite players from the Florida Marlins (one a future M.V.P) were traded away, despite being fan favorites. A few years from now when Dontrelle is back to form and winning 18+ games a season and Miguel Cabrera is putting up Cecil Fielder-like numbers in Detroit the owners of the Marlins will be kicking themselves in the ass for that trade.

The Miami Dolphins, once a cherished franchise have become the butt of every joke not just here but nationally. Do you know when I came to America and began school, my first grade teacher would make us sing the “Miami Dolphins Anthem” every Monday morning, minutes after the morning pledge of allegiance. The Dolphins went from being the only undefeated team in football history, to coming just one loss from being win-less last season. Every weekend, I had to hear about another embarrassing loss, another blowout, another disaster.

Well, this morning the Shaquille O’Neal trade became official. The Miami Heat’s former savior was thrown away by that greasy-headed Pat Riley, who left the team when they were in the gutter and stole his job back once they showed a flash of potential. This of course coming after Shaq’s deteriorating play and lack of focus. I don’t know what could possibly be affecting him, do you? Well, instead of offering support, they traded him away into a system that doesn’t fit him at all. Is he headed for Bench-Warmer status? Does it matter to Riley? Of course not.



  1. Shaq was traded?

    To where??

    For WHO???

    Man, you turn off sports talk for one lousy day to get away from National College Football signing day coverage and look what happens. Damn.

  2. I would like to personally thank the Marlins for the trade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not piling on. Just the opposite. You guys got two of the best young stars playing the game in Miller and Maybin. If your coaches are smart, they’ll let Miller show them instead of the other way around. When the Tigers trade pitchers, the other teams feel that they have to change how these guys hurl. Don’t. Our farm system is basically a pitching coaches wet dream. One thing I do hope Miller gets help with is he’s batting. Try not to choke laughing when he comes to the plate. I’m cracking myself up just thinking about it!

    Maybe in a year or two, we’ll be seeing you guys in October. Good luck

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