Topps’ 2008 gimmick….

Last year we had a Derek Jeter card with Mickey Mantle in the dugout and George W. Bush in the stands (WTF?). Well, 2008 is no different. This time around it’s the Red Sox celebrating their World Series win and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani celebrating alongside.

No word yet if it is short-printed, numbered, or even real but what do you guys think? After watching this video, we know the guys at Topps have a lot of time on their hand (and are a bit geeky) but this is just crazy! C’mon Topps, I am available if you need a good gimmick card for 2009.

*EDIT* It’s real!

*EDIT 2* It’s now on eBay!



  1. Thats not even subtle.
    If Topps is gonna do stuff like this, it should at least look real.
    That is probably the dumbest card I have ever seen.

  2. Yawn. At least it’s short printed so I won’t end up getting one. No one’s going to chase after that either so box prices shouldn’t go through the roof. At least, they BETTER not. If I waited all this time to get my box of Topps only to have to pay a premium for the chance to pull that ridiculous thing the fellows at Duryea, PA will be dealing with one pissed off asshole tomorrow.

  3. The card looks horrible but I don’t understand why collectors would get so bent out of shape about it. If it means more people buying cards, it’s not the worst thing in the world.

  4. The Jeter went for at least that much last year when it first hit. This one is at least kind of short printed. I find it interesting how no singles from this set hit eBay before last night EXCEPT for a dozen or so of these cards. I call shenanigans.

  5. TOPPS should stick to what made them successful in leave the gimmicks alone. I just sold their stock for this very reason- they have lost their way.

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