Athletes & Women

What is wrong with in the world when basketball players are getting finer women than baseball players? Here’s two perfect examples; some ball hog from Los Angeles is married to Vanessa and some guy from San Antonio comes home to this desperate housewife every single night.

Meanwhile, former Yankee great Dom Mattingly had to see this beast every single night he came home, which prompted him to eventually get a divorce but now she’s just a crazy, manic-depressive maniac looking for trouble. Don’t even get me started on former flame-thrower Chuck Finley and the thing that not only probably sucked up 10 years of his life, but also beat the living crap out of him!

Thankfully, Jose Canseco once again comes to our rescue by introducing the world to Jessica. Of course, even he couldn’t keep a good thing going and had to watch on the sidelines (no pun intended) as not only football player Tony Gonzalez got a look at J’s goodies but so did the rest of the world a few years later!



  1. I remember that the person who dialed up the music cues at Comiskey Park got fired for playing Whitesnake when Chuck Finley was pitching, shortly after the incident.

    Personally, I think the White Sox overreacted on that one. Sure the song starred the woman who just beat the living crap out of him, but it’s just a song.

  2. I don’t understand that at all! I also don’t see why football players are able to get super models while they look all beat up and stuff…

    I just don’t get it!

    —————————————————— – a great place to play baseball games, or not!

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