Juan “Not Gone” is back!

Okay, crappy nickname, I know. I never said I was the next Chris Berman, now did I? Well, everyone’s third-favorite Steroid junkie, Juan Gonzalez is making a comeback, maybe. He’s been invited to Spring Training with the St. Louis Cardinals. He had been “working out” with Albert Pujols and knowing that Tony LaRussa does as Prince Albert says, he asked for the team to give him a shot. The only problem is that Juan missed the entire past two seasons and is knocking down 40’s door. I don’t think his chances of making the team are too good at this point.

Another veteran recently signed to a contract would be Luis “I hit 57 in 2001” Gonzalez. He will be the back-up First Baseman/Outfielder for the Florida Marlins which means that by May he will be playing full-time after the Marlins trade away Hanley Ramirez and Andrew Miller for seven Jr. High Prospects to be named later.

P.S- This weekend is Florida Marlins Fan Fest! If we can find someone to babysit the rugrat, Tatiana and I will be attending and taking lots of photos of depressed fans. There won’t be a shortage of those. I hope to meet the Twin Towers, at the very least. A Hanley Ramirez autograph wouldn’t hurt either, but something tells me I will just get to meet Dan Uggla a few times and have to take him home from the stadium since everyone knows Ugglas can’t drive. That would be a little awkward…



  1. I remember checking out Comerica Park when it first opened in 2000. It was a nice road trip. Everything in the fan shop at the park had a picture of Juan Gonzalez on it. The only thing that didn’t, it seemed, was his jersey for sale.

    At that point he was injured and his huge contract was an sore spot for the Tigers. At least I got to see the lowly Astros beat the tar out of the lowly Tigers 9-4.

    The game was so bad that it didn’t even make Sportscenter or Baseball Tonight that night. I was sure that my friend Steve and I would get on camera. I was wearing White Sox attire and he was wearing Cubs attire attending the worst game being played that night.

    The park itself was outstanding though. Lots of history on those poles in the concourse.

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