Making of a baseball card

Man, this is awesome. Why can’t Topps open its doors to Wax Heaven and produce a short print set of Mario Alejandro cards? I have some ties they could chop up and put into the cards, plus I’ve been working on the signature. Topps, drop me a line. Let’s work something out!

Do not fear, I have not turned “Baseball Card Blog” on you (lack of updates, comments on other blogs). Unfortunately, work has picked up quite a bit which means I am on the Internet a lot less than before. If you are on the list of links, be assured that I am checking out your musings daily. As for new blogs here at Wax Heaven, I probably won’t break 100 in a month ever again but you can always expect a fair amount.



  1. Heh, that was funny. I LOLed when the chick started chewing on the wrapper to get the pack open.

    Don’t sweat the lack of posts, gotta pay for those cards somehow. Right now is kind of the calm before the 2008 release storm anyway.

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