Eli the Underdog

By Monday afternoon there will be 1,001 blogs about last night’s Super Bowl. There will be even more that will come out of the wood work and say they had the New York Giants all the way. Let me just say now, I had the Giants all the way! The truth of the matter is that Super Bowl 41 was my first Super Bowl, ever. Come to think of it, it was my first football game ever. For about two years now I have been listening to talk radio, even though the only two sports I enjoy are baseball & boxing. For two years I have sat by and listened to one host after another rip Eli Manning simply for not being as great as his brother Payton. The man was never looked at anything more than a failure so when the Giants starting winning game after game late in the season I decided to follow along here and there hoping that I would have a new underdog to root for.

Let’s face the facts. Ely will probably never lead the league in touchdowns like his brother did a few years back. Heck, he might never even come close to 49 but next time someone wants to drag his name through the mud all Ely has to do is give that person the finger. You know what finger, right? The one that is adorned with the Super Bowl 41 championship ring. You know how many of those Payton has? I’ll give you a clue: just one more than I’ve got.

Congratulations, Eli. You can now emerge from the shadows of high expectation. You succeeded in more ways than you can imagine. Not only did you defeat the evil Patriots and crushed their “undefeated” perfect season, you also turned an anti-football man into one of your newest fans. Thank you, Mr. Manning!


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  1. My son and I were rooting for the Giants, and I was pretty sure they would win. There was just so much pressure on the Patriots that frankly I’m surprised they made it to the Super Bowl. I thought they would putter out during the playoffs.

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