What’s it like to smoke Crack?

I wouldn’t know but I am guessing this guy might.

He has put on eBay a Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods rookie card that he cut-out of the magazine and had graded. Fine, he somehow got it to grade a perfect 10 “gem mint” but does that make the card worth $125,000? He says the population is 24, he must mean how many have graded a 10 and if that’s the case then it’s really not that special, is it?

Now that I think about it, I remember being a 10 year-old boy shopping with my grandmother back in 1990. She had already commited into buying me a set of 1990 Fleer League Leaders so when we walked up to the counter she told me to put back the Topps Magazine I had found, the one with the cut-out cards of 9 players, including Jose Canseco. I was heart-broken and mad at the same time. I walked back to the magazine isle, looked at the page of un-cut cards, looked around and before you know it the entire page was down my pants. I just couldn’t let that Jose Canseco card slip away. That my friends, is the story of how I acquired my 7th Jose Canseco baseball card. Well, I guess this new flashback of my life now corroborates this post from two months ago that a few had questioned.

The point of this blog? Well, if there are 24 Woods SI for Kids cards in existence than there must be even less Canseco Topps Magazine cards! Think about it….no one in their right mind ever bought into that thing and the ones sent back to the publisher were buried in a landfill, E.T Atari-style.

EDIT #1.

So I couldn’t resist and made an offer since I can’t exactly afford $125,000. My best offer is $1.66, the suggested retail price of Sports Illustrated for Kids. Golly, I hope I win!



  1. How the hell can a card ripped out of a magazine on its perforations ever be possibly considered Gem Mint. Either this guy is completely full of shit or PSA is. Or they both are.

    Good job snagging that Canseco. I wish I had stuffed the 1981 rack pack of Topps football cards with the Joe Montana on top that my mom wouldn’t let me buy down my pants. I even had the freaking money, she just wouldn’t let me spend it!

  2. I call bullshit on PSA. After contacting them about sending in my cards from the 5 magazine sheets I found they would not do them because they are “trimmed” from the sheet. How is this card different?

  3. I think PSA graded that as gem mint because the perforations are intact, and that is the way the card came. If the card had been cut from the sheet, it would be considered altered and thus, no grade. It looks like PSA gave that grade because the card was in the best possible condition that it was when released….

    or it’s all bullcrap, what do I know?

  4. Oh no it’s for real. I had one at one point. It’s either lost somewhere in my basement or been trashed. However, it’s not even close to a psa “10”

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