Joba vs. Joba

They say nothing ever beats your first time. While that may be true about your first woman & vehicle, it surely can’t be the same for baseball cards, can it? Well, Joba Chamberlain’s 2007 Bowman Chrome autograph is still scorching on the after market, specially the different Refractors, almost a year after the initial release. His regular autograph has sold for as high as $160 and no lower than $132 in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, his much cooler-looking autograph redemption from the very popular ’07 Topps Finest is a bonafide dud on eBay. Several sold on eBay last week for well under $100, including one for just over $80! That’s pretty shocking considering that it’s basically the same exact card.

It can’t possibly have anything to do with the sticker vs. on-card autograph debate, can it? After all, Joba may have had his greasy, Kentucky Fried Chicken eatin’ fingers on the Chrome card but hey, he also touched the sticker sheet for the Finest card (and possibly even licked it for all we know). Also, the card stock on the Finest is a little thicker. As far as design, I love the Finest look but many minimalist will prefer the Bowman portrait. So why is one card selling for so much more and is there a Finest Joba Refractor?

Me personally, I’d much rather have the Finest because to me it’s not about the price but what it’s worth to my collecting heart. Of course, if I were to open a pack of ’07 Bowman Chrome and pull a Joba Gold Refractor I would probably run home to delete this blog and pretend it never happened. Afterwards, I’d go make a killing on Ebay.

So collectors, what’s it gonna be? How will you take your overrated, over-priced future Relief Pitcher? Bowman Chrome or Topps Finest?



  1. Bowman Chrome all the way.
    Heres why.
    The Bowman Chrome was produced before the Finest card, therefore not mass produced.

  2. I just got the new Beckett today (with Joba and his gold refractor on the cover), both cards are booking for $175 and the Finest has an up arrow. In my experience redemption cards are generally more scarce simply because the cards never all get redeemed. Can’t really tell without knowing the print run though. I like the way the Finest looks better so I’d probably choose that one. There doesn’t seem to be a Finest refractor though so Bowman does have that going for them.

    The more I look at autograph cards the more I like cards that either have stickers or have a dedicated space for the signature. You can actually look at the ‘graph that way and it’s not obscured by the background.

    Oddly enough a mint copy of the 1940 Casey Stengel card (marked as an RC by Beckett which is complete horse crap) also books $175. I’d take that card in a heartbeat before either of those Jobas.

  3. If I pulled a Joba autograph, it would immediately be listed on eBay. Why would I want the autograph of a relief pitcher who will either be out of the majors or in long relief for the Devil Rays in 5 years?

  4. When it comes to rookie autographs in the hobby world, Bowman Chrome reigns supreme (at least as far as re-sale goes!). It wouldn’t matter if the picture on Bowman was Joba in a clown suit, it’s just automatically worth more. If I personally collected him, it really wouldn’t matter which auto. I got of him.

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