Chris “Douchebag” Berman

Nothing like a fall from grace, specially when it’s caught on video. This has very little to do with baseball cards but there is not much going on in the Hobby world until next week when Upper Deck & Topps goes live. I should have a couple of boxes of each product by the end of the month so expect new video box breaks and product reviews shortly. In the meantime, check out former ESPN 40 year-old Virgin Chris Berman, who nicknamed Mark McGwire a very catchy Mark “Eve of Destruction” McGwire in Big Mac’s ’87 rookie season when he set the rookie home run record with 49, more than likely without a hint of Steroids in his system. Think that’s bad? He has about 1,000 of them.

Kudos to the lowly production assistant that dubbed a copy of this tape and scattered it over the Internet.



  1. Wow……It is obvious that he knew that at least one camera was still running.
    That is video of a classic example of a nerd with to much power.
    I have to admit, I have always been a fan of Berman and lets face it, I still will be-but Damn he was acting like a sissy ass, primadonna, arrogant, winey, pampered, disrespectful, sitting on a pedistal, had a bad day/bad hair cut, paid too much to talk mother fucker—-I mean really, he acts like hes never been on TV before!

  2. I knew he had to have had a meltdown at some point. I was pissed when I had to listen to him whine and shower the Red Sox with love during the 2005 ALDS with the White Sox. He couldn’t even stop after the Red Sox got swept. He’s an annoying little pissant.

  3. That’s pretty unprofessional right there… Dropping F-bombs in front of mics and cameras is just asking for trouble. Berman is so high up the food chain at ESPN he could probably get away with doing that on air. It would liven up Monday Night Football at least.

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