Topps gets a little carried away

Wow, do we really need 12 Presidential cards in one set? By the time these cards are released there will only be 2 candidates and a bunch of guys without a job. Sad to say, but before my days as a family man I was once addicted to MSNBC & Fox News’ 2004 Election coverage. I am still not Republican or Democrat and unfortunately, have not had enough time to properly research these candidates so instead I will just make uneducated, uninformed comments on each one. Enjoy!

I don’t know anything about Bill except that he comes from a Hispanic background, I believe. The one thing I do know is that Topps must hate this man a lot otherwise they may have used a nicer photograph of the guy, you know, one where he doesn’t look like a 50 year-old raging pedophile.

Ice T., of Law & Order SVU had about as much chance of being elected as Fred Thompson did. One thing is sure, both Ice T. & Fred T. have hot wives. You go, Freddy!

I have no idea who the heck this guy is but he looks a lot like the evil Senator from the first X-Men movie. You know, the one that hated the mutants.

Don’t know much about Ron Paul except that a lot of Internet geeks and loose, Hippy chicks love the guy. Hmm, sounds eerily similar to this guy.

Poor Dennis. He might actually be taken serious if it weren’t for his size. The sad thing is that everyone from CNN to The Daily Show will remind you on a regular basis that he is just a little shorten than this guy.

Talk about losing momentum. This guy could have ran for God in late 2001 and been elected, now he has dropped out of the race and endorsed McCain. Oh Rudy, if only you didn’t have mistresses and Mafia ties. Hey, maybe your best friend can get you a job?

Mike…..good luck? I don’t know who you are but this pretty much guarantees you are not going to get elected anytime soon.

For some reason, John is considered too rich to be well-liked. It’s a shame because he might have made a great President. He would have been the first Metro-President, ever!

I am a dog-lover so this guy sickens me. Although he does get a few extra points if he marries 4-5 ladies. Isn’t that what all Mormons do?

Wow, nice card although I haven’t quite fallen head over heels for this guy yet. He is making it interesting, though. Can’t hate the player or the game.

I won’t lie. I like this guy. He is a War Hero and a frequent guest on The Daily Show. Can he pull an upset? I think at this point he is actually a favorite among Republicans. That’s shocking, considering a lot of Republicans hate him for going against G.W Bush many times.

Hey, if she can do as great of a job running the country as she did with her marriage……oh wait, never mind. I just hope that if she wins that she doesn’t stick a cigar up Bill Clinton’s “youknowwhat” as revenge. That would make for a great YouTube video…



  1. Bill Richardson reminds me of Horatio Sanz.

    Barak Obama is the only one that looks presidential. Is Topps trying to tell us something?

    With that hair on John Edwards, all that left to do is add a ring of fire around his head and have “Fire digitally added by Channel 6” flashing on the card underneath.

  2. These things are as bad as those ridiculous Bonds and GayRod homer cards.

    I don’t mind non-sport cards as a rule, but they gotta keep them out of my baseball sets.

  3. I like the cards, but I still don’t think they should be in a baseball card set. But I do want that Ron Paul card.

  4. I admit that I like the Bill Richardson one- not because of the ties to New Mexico, but because he appears to be looking at the camera and deciding whether it is real, or one of those joke cameras that squirts water.

  5. What is the point of these cards in a baseball card set???
    They are at best common cards and lord knows, there is enough commons in a Topps set already.
    If Topps wants to make a statement with political cards they should at least make the extremely short print or auto.
    Besides, I thought that the hobby (mainly Topps) wanted to bring the kids back to collecting via cheap, I mean, inexpensive packs-I seriously doubt that anyone under the age of 18 is going to care if they pull a “Presidential Canidate” card.
    Its bad enough to pull a card of a baseball player and say “who the heck is this guy” let alone pull a card of a guy who obviously is not a baseball player and try to figure out what the hell he has to do with baseball cards.

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