10 Packs A Day

It took about 4 months to finally get linked at The Baseball Card Blog. I figure it should be a couple more months till A Pack A Day does the same. In the meantime, I am creating a new blog, titled, “10 Packs A Day”. Okay, not really but a guy can dream can’t he? Well, after a tough day at work I came home and found 10 packs of baseball cards waiting on the bed, purchased by The Infamous Tatiana, the first  lady of baseball cards.

Now normally I wouldn’t get too excited about Retail packs from Target but I was exhausted and it was a great gesture that was truly appreciated. Here I will do a pack by pack breakdown for the first time ever at Wax Heaven. I hope you enjoy.

Pack 1. 2007 Upper Deck Goudey

Brian Roberts, a very old-looking Garret Anderson, Nomar “Ramon” Garciaparra, Cal Ripken Jr. “Heads Up”, Brian Roberts (very same card!), Jason Varitek, Brad Hawke, & Jhonny Peralta

Pack 2. 2007 Bowman Heritage

Livan Hernandez, Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro (shiny card), Patrick Reilly (Oh Face!), Juan Miranda (Oh Face II!), Homer Bailey,  Jeremy Bonderman, Roy Halladay

Pack 3. 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights

Masumi Kuwata, Eric Patterson, Gabe Gross, Tony Abreu, Rick Vanden Hurk, Barry Bonds (#1 All-Time Home Runs insert), John Lackey, Freddie Bynum, Jose Reyes, Placido Polanco

Pack 4. 2007 Topps Series 2

Derek Jeter, Jamie Moyer, Jared Burton, Jeremy Brown, Juan “Not Gone” Encarnacion, ADAM DUNN (!), Orlando Cabrera, Ryan Freel (Gold #’d to  2007), Red Schoendienst (Distinguished Service), Bobby Jenks, Raul Ibanez, Randy Wolf, Aaron Cook

Pack 5. 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Danny Putnam, Daniel Descalo, Matt Tolbert, Fred Lewis, Danny Payne, Carlos Carrasco,

Pack 6. 2007 Fleer Ultra

Willy Taveras, Andre Either, Trevor Hoffman, Alex Rios, Joakim Soria

Pack 7. 2007 Topps ’52 Rookie Cup

Chris Basak, Matt DeSalvo, Andy Laroche, Joe Smith/Carlos Gomez (Dynamic Duo insert), Tom Shearn, Kevin Maharn,

Pack 8. 2007 Topps Turkey Red

J.D Drew, Gary Sheffield, Andrew Miller Game-Worn Jersey (!!!), Gary Matthews, Akinori Iwamura, Curtis Granderson, Frank Thomas

Pack 9. Garbage Pail Kids Series 7

Web Head Ned, Tyler Tilt, Ty Dee Knot, Chum Charlie, Puzzle Card, Scooped Shannon, Abandoned Andy, Sim Ian, Britney Shears, Gil Grill

Pack 10. Baseball Value Pack ($50 minimum Catalog Value)

2005 Fleer Showcase – Rollie Fingers, Bucky Dent, Bill Showron, Sparky Anderson, Tony Perez, Enos Slaughter, Willie McCovey, Al Kaline

1999 Pacific- Mark McGwire (HR #68), Mark McGwire (HR #50), Mark McGwire (Home Run Heroes), Sammy Sosa (Home Run Heroes), Ken Griffey Jr. (Home Run Heroes), Greg Vaughn (Home Run Heroes), Albert Belle (Home Run Heroes), Cal Ripken (crown)

2000 Upper Deck 2K – Ivan Rodriguez, Sean Casey, Sean Casey, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr., Carlos Delgado, Corey Koskie, Barry Bonds



  1. 2 White Sox players in packs? You have the same ratio of luck as I do.

    Nice Belle though.

    Congrats on the Miller!

  2. So is Dunn your new favorite player to replace Canseco? That Freel card is nice and I am digging the Country Slaughter card. First time I have seen that one.

  3. Its tough enough to pull a jersey card out of random retail packs but you managed to pull someone you are collecting right now. Nice!

  4. Cool! My “still looking” image has escaped and is infecting the blogosphere.

    Nice one on the Andrew Miller and I’ve always wondered what was in those $50 packs.

  5. Thanks, DayF….I needed an excuse not to post a scan for that awful pack.

    Joey, pure luck on Tatiana’s part. I am very happy. 🙂

    Joe, I don’t have enough nice Dunn’s to make him my favorite but his cards have a nice new place in my Stars box.

    Steve, I expected more White Sox players. Surprised to have such a low number. I will set these aside, of course.

  6. I know everyone else is salivating over the Miller card (I guy I had never heard of until you asked me to make that “fun card”), but I love the Garbage Pail Kids! I have a few from the 80s, and a few less from the 2000s. I used to make my own, too. I don’t know if I still have those or not though.

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