Wax Heaven Mail Day #5

Just got home from a hectic work day and found a package from this trade. In return for my three autographs I receieved 12 Derek Jeters for the Infamous Tatiana, 29 Jose Canseco cards, and 4 Andrew Miller cards. Not bad, eh? This brings my Jose Canseco count to 755 different cards. Thanks to “CalicoJones”, Steve G., & J.T for adding to my collection. To the latter, your thank you gift will be sent out this weekend.

The biggest news of the year for me is a possible trade with a guy at the Blowout Cards who was once a Canseco collector and is unloading all his cards. So far he has put together a lot of Canseco cards that include two autographs & 16 game-used. If he can add a couple more Canseco base cards and a few cheap Jeters for the ball & chain he will be getting my best card (at the moment), the SP Authentic ‘By The Letter’ short-print gold ink autograph Ryan Braun, plus a few extra cards. Man, I am so excited at the possibility of my first Jose Canseco autograph!!!



  1. To bad you can’t strike a deal with Jose himself. He’d probably cough up five autographs for that Braun!

    Hey, do you maintain an online list of the Canseco cards that you already own? If so, where does it live?

  2. I added your blog link, BTW.

    There are just too many for me to do a list. At best, I have them categorized by year, that is enough work.

    As far as what I need, a lot from ’97-’05 since I was out of the hobby.

  3. Nice pick up.
    This is how great collections are built-help from friends.
    The mail box can be our best friend or our worst enemy.
    I am exited for you man!!

  4. It is extremely time consuming but you can catalog your entire collection at Beckett.com.
    I put my entire Canseco collection in there.
    It is better to do it before your collection grows too much-and it will…

  5. Snitch is a harsh word.
    There are some of of who have liked Jose since he came to the majors, before all of the steroid allegations-Its like having a favorite sports team and sticking with them even through the tough seasons.
    Major League Baseball and most of the players turned their back on Jose because shit was getting ready to go down, and most of the players who turned their back on him where using and reaping the benefits right along with him.
    It was obvious MLB was going to use Jose as a scapegoat and all the other steroid users where quick to quietly point the finger at Jose and where alright with him being the scapegoat as long as it didn’t hurt their careers and good names.
    Starting in 2000 Jose was being black-balled from the majors and in 2001 he couldn’t make any roster, even though he offered to play for free.
    So what did he do? He wrote a book and exposed MLB and the players who turned their backs on him.
    Big business is obviously more cut throat than any other business out there and if Jose would have just folded he would have lost everything while all of these other players continued doing what (in most cases) he taught them to do and making big money because of it.
    He took the only action he could-he can’t just go and beat them all up or threaten them-he had to do to them what they did to him.
    In the film focused on gangster Frank Lucas-American Gangster-Frank does the same thing, he gives up all of the dirty cops, who at times operate like gangsters, because they where looking for every opprotunity to take him down at any cost to maintain their “do gooder” images.
    Yeah, they both had a choice whether they said anything or not, but be honest, given these guys’ situations-you would do the same thing.
    Jose is neither a rat or a snitch-He is a business man and he is doing what he needs to do to stay ahead in a dirty business.

  6. Hey i gotta agree with whatthehellme on that one. At least he was honest, at the time it was the acceptable thing to do, if you didn’t use you couldn’t make the money. I see Sosa up on the hill acting like he can’t speak english, that guy used lied, then came back to play some more, that’s low. Barry Bonds is still cheating, tell me that asshole hasn’t touched ‘roids. Baseball got what was coming for what they did to Jose, sorry if that pisses anyone off.

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