SCAM alert!

Jacksonville Police have begun an investigation into the dealings of, a company that sold trading cards and ripped off customers in the amount of “$200,000-$300,000 range”. That site has since been removed and has re-spawned as

If you are a sports collector, or even spend your evenings playing ‘Magic: The Gathering’ at the comic shop, beware of this business & find somewhere else to get your cards. Here are some first-hand accounts into transactions made by collectors. It’s scary how many people Eual Brent Hallford ripped off.

The Jacksonville news story can be found HERE.


10 thoughts on “SCAM alert!

  1. I remember almost buying a box from here a few months back because it looked like a great deal, but the website looked pretty shady. This goes to show, before buying a case and getting screwed over, buy something smaller first off to see if the site is legit.

  2. I hadn’t realized he was back in business again. He is from just right down the road from me. I was always suspicious of the guy because he wouldn’t allow you to come to the store to pick anything up. It was a fifteen minute drive from me.

    But you could buy wax boxes from someone that worked for him you just had to pay cash and they would bring them to you.

    Hopefully he will get sent to prison.

  3. You idiots are so wrong! He’s was investigated at length and the police found nothing! Can’t stand the competition, can you?

  4. Elaine, perhaps if I sold cards and/or owned a hobby shop he would be my competitor but I don’t and he’s not.

    I was just reporting the news. I will go by what collectors are saying since there is more than one complaining about the same company.

  5. Hah… I just dealt with this guy through Amazon. Long story short, my Booster Box never showed and I left negative review. I found his attempts to make me give a positive review shady so I did a google search for “WholesaleTradingCards” scam and found this site.

    I quickly emailed this and other links to Amazon. Hope it works.

  6. wow all of yall are wrong im his son and none of yall know the truth i hate all of yall that are putting my family through this!!!

  7. Cameron,
    Your dad ripped me off and he needs to repay me and everyone else he has ripped off. So I do know the truth, if he can’t repay everyone maybe you should!

  8. This guy ripped me off for $391.75. After trying to receive my original order, they sent me a gift certificate voucher that was never honored. I found out about the charges against him. I hope he thought really hard about the people he dishonored while he was sitting in jail!

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