Who the hell is Adam Dunn?

I apologize for being so blunt but having not watched baseball since 2002 I have a lot to catch up on. Now that it’s been about 7 months I have come across Adam Dunn of the Cincinatti Reds. I’ve pulled a good 8-10 of his cards, maybe even a Refractor but never did I think of looking at his stats until today. The man has put together the most quiet back to back to back to back 40 home runs seasons in Major League history! It’s not just in the Hobby that he gets no love either. He hit 46 home runs and 100+ RBI in 2004 and came in a laughable 28th in the M.V.P voting that year. In those four seasons, he’s only been an All-Star one time. That’s pathetic, America. Where is the love for Adam Dunn?

His rookie card, a 1999 Bowman Chrome can be found for $5 or less scattered all over eBay and the parallels can be found for under $20. Meanwhile, the Hobby is drooling over Joba Chamberlain, a glorified future closer and his 2007 Bowman Chrome rookie card. There has to be some conspiracy here. What does Adam have to do in 2008 to get some attention from the Collector World? Hit 60 home runs? He’d still get over-looked by Ken Griffey’s 35 for Cincinnati.

One last stat to look at. In the last four seasons Adam has only two home runs less than Albert Pujol’s of that same period. Pujols is considered a Baseball God, while Adam is looked at as a better version of Matt Stairs. What’s this world come to?



  1. Adam will get his day in the baseball limelight-and sooner than you may think.
    The Mitchell report named alot of names-Those guys are trashed for the season.
    Jose Canseco will be naming more names (Arod, Piazza..)-Those guys will be trashed for the season.
    Baseball will be turning to the overlooked players who have managed to stay off of those lists, to try to get baseball back in a good light.

  2. My guess it has SOMETHING to do with the ca. 120 more times Adam strikes on on average each season than Albert….

    Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Adam Dunn take his hacks!

  3. I think it has a lot to do with the Cardinals making the playoffs since Pujols’ emergence and winning the World Series. The Reds haven’t made the playoffs since 1995. Also, Pujols is THE undisputed star of the Cards. Dunn and the rest of the Reds are overshadowed by Griffey no matter how well he is playing, he still has the star status on that team.

  4. Dunn has a low batting average and strikes out a lot, but he also walks a hell of a lot. He consistently has an on base percentage around .380 which ain’t bad. If the Reds can compete in the Central this year, you’ll hear a lot more about him.

  5. Adam would get more press if he hit higher than .260

    He’s a very good slugger, but nowhere near as valuable as guys like Pujols and ARod.

  6. I have collected him for years and he is well worth it (especially if he stays clean!) If he played for the Yankees (Microsoft) or Red Sox (Apple) everyone would be kissing his backside. BTW how about the NFL getting their own version of Red Sox (Patriots) Vs Yankees (Giants) to the Big Game!!

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