Baseball Nomads

Who is your favorite Baseball Nomad?

You know, the one player that comes out of nowhere after playing 5-7 seasons, puts together M.V.P-like numbers and then vanishes into obscurity once more? For me, that player is Geronimo Berroa, a sometime slugger who played on nine different clubs over an eleven year career. I will do the unthinkable and suspend disbelief for a moment. Yes, the guy played with McGwire/Giambi/Canseco in the late 90’s but something tells me that he did not take Steroids. Look at the guy, from his name to his demeanor. I just don’t think he ever fit in with popular guys like Jose and Jason. He was probably an outsider looking to keep his job, putting in extra hours in the batting cages while guys like Jose & Jason were probably out getting tanked and looking for women to spend the night with. Big Mac? He was busy working on his curly mullet.



  1. I can’t really think of one, but I know half of my team’s roster (Royals) is probably filled with them!!

  2. Scott Brosious-Had a few great years (in the playoffs) with the A’s and Yankees.
    Quietly retired into oblivion.

  3. These are a little different but Edgardo Alfonzo and Carlos Baerga looked like world beaters for the first 3-4 years of their careers and became doorstops after that.

  4. Jason Bere

    He had a great start to a career in his first two years, then limped around the majors the rest of the until 2003.

  5. Jason Grimsley outed Geronimo Berroa as one of the player he alleged used steroids.

    I presume Berroa is a classic case of no steroids = no significant MLB career.

    He bounced around forever in the early 1990s until he suddenly found magic in his bat and started hitting, when given a shot with the Athletics in 1994.

    If you look at his numbers, I would suspect him.

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