Brady Anderson is a pimp!

Damn, you would think that with a miraculous 50-home run season under his belt, bad-ass side burns, and a six-pack that would put T.O to shame, former big-league “slugger” Brady Anderson would have women crawling all over him, fighting to get a look at his Baltimore Oriole, but I guess not. is reporting that Anderson has resorted to online dating. All I can say is, be careful Brady. You could be chatting away with a TMZ detective, or worse yet….Andres Galaragga!

Anyways, here is the awesome video for anyone interested.


One comment

  1. The man is just such a pimp that hes to pimpin to pick up girls at a bar so he has to know pimp the internet. I bet you next he will create an avitar and pimp the second life world! woahh that actually isnt a bad idea, gotta go~

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