“Oh Face” prize selected!

Last week I asked the readers of Wax Heaven to show me their best “Oh-Face” on a baseball card and boy did they ever. In the end, one contestant was left standing and he goes by the moniker of “L.O”. Well, after a couple of days I recieved an e-mail from L.O with his selection for a prize. He skipped the Black Refractor from Topps Finest and the game-used of the deceased Twins hero and instead went with last year’s All-Star starting pitcher Dan Haren and his 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces autographed card. Along with the card, which he will receive at no cost (not even postage), he will also receive an awesome 1/1 hand-drawn piece from the first lady of baseball cards, the Infamous Tatiana.

Congratulations, L.O and to everyone that entered the contest, good try! Don’t worry, the next contest is coming on Valentine’s Day and the prizes will be completely new. So stay tuned and if you have friends who like baseball cards and don’t know of Wax Heaven, well—spread the word! We takin’ ova!

By the way, by some miracle, the Baseball Card Blog has finally linked to Wax Heaven. Thank you, Ben.



  1. Received my card Tuesday and it is sweet! Thanks Mario, thanks Tatiana for making my baseball card dreams come true.

    A minor point not related to this contest, but to the card I chose. The Masterpieces ‘Stroke of Genius’ auto insert card of Dan Haren is sweet, but Upper Deck, it is spelled ‘Masterpieces,’ not ‘Masterpeices’ as you’ve marked on the front and the back of the card.

    Thanks again for the contest and shame on Upper Deck perhaps!

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