Cheap or just very lazy…?

I don’t know about you but I am guessing that during a career that spanned 17 years, five presidential terms, and crossed six states someone would have taken more than a single photo of Jose Canseco. That may not be the case if you look at cards produced by Donruss in 2005. They went and took a single photo of Jose taken during his second stint with the Oakland Athletics and plastered it on close to 40 different baseball cards. They even tried to be sneaky by altering the image (changing it to black & white), cropping it, and even going as far as hiring someone to do an art piece but they used that very same image for the art! Hmm….now that I think about it, maybe Donruss really loved that photo, a lot.

A good example of photo recycling would be the shot below, first seen in 1992 Topps and later over a decade later in 2004 by Topps on two different cards. Only a dedicated, long-time collector or Jose Canseco fan would recognize the image was re-used. To most, they would either be too busy looking at the game-used bat or disappointed that they didn’t pull and Ichiro or Pujols.

Kudos, to Topps for a great recycle job. Oh wait, never mind. Topps is the company that released a classic 1986 Topps Traded and recycled the image 17 years later and completely fucked it up.



  1. I am going with cheap on this one.
    Because if Donruss where lazy they couldn’t have been responsible for mass/over producing game used and autograph cards of not only active players but also retired players.
    Those Canseco cards I have range in years from 2003 to 2005, so its not the Donruss just over used it one year, they WAY over used it in 3!?
    Probably the most overblown set is the 2005 Diamond Kings set. Instead of finding and original art piece, they used the exact same picture the had already been overusing for the last 2 years to produce at least 50 “new” cards
    And its not just one set they are being used in-it is every set that Donruss produced (Playoff, Absolute and all of its sub-sets, Diamond Kings, Prime Cuts..)
    At least they could change the pictures on the one of one cards-Oh wait, they produced so many 1/1 cards over those years it would have just been a hassle to change anything at that point.

  2. Topps did that this year with Turkey Red and Bowman Heritage. My grandmother noticed this when she was looking at my Delmon Young cards. The pose of Young on the Turkey Red card is zoomed in on on the Bowman Heritage. I’m going to have to get around to scanning this as proof.

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