2008 Topps Series Two (WOW!!!)

I normally never touch anything series two but this product will include (if you are the luckiest man alive) a dual autograph cut signature of John F. Kennedy/Richard Nixon card. I say it will sell on eBay for $5,000+. Am I wrong?



  1. Nice. I would rather have the Ortiz/Ramirez. Just kidding. With the Nixon/Kennedy, I could buy a lot of Big Papi stuff. I left a comment in your wife’s blog about having some Jeter and Canseco cards if you need the. Let me know and they are yours. Nothing great but I don’t need them.

  2. It’s nice to see the card companies diversifying and starting to carry non-sports signatures. I really like the idea of using the presidents, and like the Donruss Americana, using past stars.

  3. I’m not sure I like the idea of political autographs in a baseball card pack. Maybe if they were inserts in the “American Pie” release a few years back, but not in a set that is supposed to be for baseball.

  4. Man, I’m looking forward to that Presidential Matchup set even though I’m already sick of this year’s Presidential matchups. I love those silly historical sets even though I’m still a couple dozen short for my Declaration of Independence and Constitution sets.

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