I have always wondered what the world’s fascination was with an autograph, specifically that of a Hollywood celebrity. One of my favorite actors is the incredibly-talented Christian Bale. To be perfectly honest, I’d much rather chat with the guy for a few minutes than I would asking him to sign a piece of paper. Of course, in the world of baseball cards it’s a little different. Nine out of ten times an autograph enhances the look of a card. In my life I have asked for only three autographs; Antonio Alfonseca, Ozzie Canseco, & Bobby Abreu. Luckily for me, all three obliged.

Recently I began obsessing over my own signature. It’s bad enough that I spend all day at work blogging for Wax Heaven, I have now been sitting through hour-long meetings scribbling the best possible signature in my book for taking notes. The truth is, I want something short but sweet. To me, there is no sweeter signature than that of future Ace, Tim Lincecum. Check out his sweet signature, which he manages to do a great job of duplicating on about 95% of his card autographs.

How’s that for short but sweet? Of course, being somewhat of a baseball card novice still, someone pointed out the signature of a rookie Kansas City Royals pitcher who came in 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting in 2007. His name is Brian Bannister and boy would I hate to be on a dual autograph baseball card with him. It’s clear this man’s been practicing his autograph way longer than I have. So I have decided that one of my collecting goals for 2008 (yes, another one) will be to acquire a Bannister autograph through wax openings. It might not match the book value of a Lincecum mini-sig but it sure as hell will top it in class!

If anyone is wondering why I am so worried about my signature, it might have something to do with the Special Edition WaxHeaven.com best-of book that will hit the Internet sometime in mid-2008. Don’t worry, I will have my stuff together by then. Just don’t expect any Bannister-like signature anytime soon. One thing I can promise, it will look a lot better than Manny Ramirez’ scribble!