And the winner is…

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for entering the first ever Wax Heaven contest. Due to the surprising amount of submissions, I have decided to do a contest each month of 2008. Next month’s contest will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

Here are the results of the “Oh Face” contest.

Honorable mention: Bryan’s Canseco “Oh-Face”

3rd place: Dayf’s Jeter Tongue

2nd place: Steve G.’s psychopath infielder

…and the winner of the “Oh-Face” contest is…….

Reader L.O submitted two cards to the contest but won my heart with this 1995 Pinnacle Todd Zeile/unnamed Pirate double-Oh-Face. It’s not so much the Zeile but the look of excruciating pain on the sliding player that caught my eye and ultimately won the prize. Let me just say, the winner was heavily disputed with the judges (Tatiana & I) but ultimately it came out on top. An e-mail has been sent to L.O and as soon as he replies I will update with the prize he chose, which will be mailed out in a bubble envelope first thing Monday morning. There will also be a letter of congratulations sent to L.O written by the Infamous Tatiana.

Thanks again to everyone that participated. Stay tuned for the next Wax Heaven contest!

-Mario Alejandro



  1. The other Oh Face on the double Oh Face card is none other than famous former Pirate Andy VanSlyke.

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