Heavenly Collections – Jose Canseco

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Jerry and Newman. We all have our rivals in this life and I did not know of mine until I met a “super collector” by the name of Bryan. I once bragged to collectors about my 1,000+ (730 different) Jose Canseco cards, Bryan quietly showed off his 2,432 in the pages of Beckett Monthly. I once spent over $50 on a lot of cards on eBay a few years back, his collection’s book value is pushing $20,000. I received my first game-used Canseco card in 2006, Bryan currently has 353. I lost a dramatic eBay auction two weeks ago in an attempt to win my very first Jose Canseco autograph, he has 264.

As a fellow Jose Canseco collector (18 years) it is hard for me to not be green with envy but you just can’t hate on a guy who has stuck with his player through thick and thin and is a major supporter of Wax Heaven to boot. Along with his amazing Canseco collection, in a couple of months Bryan might have an opportunity to not only meet his childhood idol, but maybe even possibly work with him. It would take years to scan Bryan’s entire collection so instead, he has put together an amazing DVD, with a score and everything. It’s a little long so I imagine only Jose fans will stick through the entire presentation. If you do, you are in for a treat!

Ladies and gentlemen, Wax TV presents to you, the greatest Jose Canseco baseball card collection of all-time, brought to you exclusively by Wax Heaven.



  1. Thank you.
    This DVD took nearly six months to complete and I ran into problems every step of the way.
    It means the world to me to have people watch and appreciate it.

  2. This is such an awesome video of such an awesome collection!! I outta know… I recognized several of those cards as being previously my own. I sold my entire Canseco card collection (not sure how many) to Bryan quite some time ago. I couldn’t have gone to a more suitable (super) collector. Glad to see Canseco (and Bryan) got a little limelight in Beckett a while back! As for me… I still have a few pieces that Bryan said he already had and those will be handed down to my kids. In case you are interested… the other oddball Jose items will be listed on my Beckett user page (link listed above).

    Once again… congrats on the video and Bryan best wishes, keep in touch and keep the hunt going…

    Mitchell, SD

  3. Thanks Mike-Your collection definitely beefed up my collection!
    I don’t know how many times I have watched this DVD, but it is fun every time because every card has its own story and many of them represent new friendships along the way.

  4. Man. This is something. Those Recollection Collection autos really stand out to me. I have only been able to obtain 3 and you have all of the Jose’s it seems.

    BRAVO BRIAN, sweet collection nice work!
    lastly, look for Jose’s new book, its gonna be a barn burner, the guy has done nothing but speak truth about the state of the game, and this book is gonna be a wake up call.

  6. Tony LaRussa is a punk, a drunk and a steroid dealer too.

    He killed Josh Hancock.

    MLB = WWE

  7. I have always hated Tony and it is clear that he played favorites with the Bash Brothers. It’s good to see his downfall with the D.U.I since he took so much pleasure in talking crap about Jose for years.

  8. I have been one of the biggest Jose fans since i was a kid he was/is my only favorite player. Everyone always gives me crap for collecting Canseco, i’ve always stuck with him and recently started recollecting his newer cards. The 2004 Fabric of the Game were my favorite targets, i mistakenly thought that i was starting to collect most of the variants, HR, 88, AL, etc. Seeing your pics of all the variants even with the Scripts was amazing. Thank you for giving the rest of us hope. The triple threads was my favorite part of the clip. Jose should be lucky to work with a man with as much class as you sir, thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Thank you Jason.
    Words cannot describe my feelings right now after reading your feedback on my collection.
    I am very humbled and appreciate your kind words.

  10. from one Canseco collector to another what can I say other than nice stash! the 89 blue chip and 88 topps cloth are obviously on my wantlist as are the hundreds of game used I still don’t have. I guess I shouldn’t have taken a decade away from the hobby after all… what kind of doubles do you have available??

  11. I actually don’t have many Canseco doubles anymore-I sold off my entire sportscard collection to support my Canseco collection. I also had a collection of close to 3,000 Canseco doubles to purchase a couple of rare autos I needed.

  12. One big chunk-someone I had never heard of won the auction-I saved pictures of the collection for memories sake.
    There was at least 6 full binders and some extras.
    I kinda wish I still had em-

  13. how much did you end up paying for that Blue chip and how long have you had it? believe it or not I like to see the rare oddball stuff more than the flashy game used stuff.. the early part of my collection although not worth alot is the most complete other than scarce items like that.. I’ve been working on some more flash as it comes up for sale and actually might have a deal soon on an 88 cloth which would be a nice pickup for me.

  14. Hell yes!
    If you can get your hands on that Topps Cloth card-DO IT!!
    That is at least one of the top 3 rarest Canseco, not mention, McGwire cards ever produced.
    I have had the Blue Chip cards for about two years now and ironically enough I got the cloth card from the same guy!
    I paid $150 for that and $300 for the cloth.
    They won’t be cheap but if you like those kind of rare cards, I believe those 2 are the cream of the crop.
    The story on the Blue Chip card is that the hobby didn’t even know that little set even existed until about 1999-ten years after its release!!!!

  15. yeah I don’t expect either to be cheap…just want someone to offer up that blue chip. there can’t be many of them around. the only other possibly expensive older card other than those 2 I need would be an 89 gallery of champions silver. also do you have the 93 pacific amigo’s #15 and the Rangers decker card from the same year? be curious to see what they look like as well as the 2 1992 Colla promo’s if you have those..

  16. So just how many of the Triple Threads “oakland” cards do you have? Also what is the story with the cloth test and the blue chips card, i’ve never heard of them. Thank you for being a magnet for these questions and expanding our knowledge.

  17. I have all colors of the 2007 Triple Threads “OAKLAND” cards, including the Platinum 1/1.
    I wrote a little about the Topps Cloth test and the Blue Chip card a couple of blogs up.
    Awesome cards though!

  18. Bryan,

    do you have all of your cards scanned? or just the bling bling? as much as I like seeing all the patch and auto stuff there are some inserts from the 90’s I’m missing and was wondering if you have them.. things like 1992 Colla All star game #21 and the regular promo #4, 1993 Rangers Decker card, the 1993 Pacific Spanish Beisbol Amigo #15, 1994 UD All Star Jumbo gold, 1995 Classic Phone Card, 1995 Donruss Pre Production, 1995 Score Rules Jumbo #11, 1996 Pinnacle Afficianado 1st Pitch Preview, and many other rarer inserts. I have all my cards scanned in on my Freeweb page and continue to add to the new arrival section weekly as I buy and trade for new stuff I need.

  19. after learning some more about the cloth test, it is nearly as sweet as the platinum Triple Threads. That video still gives me the chills, Wow!

  20. im not a fan of canseco. he was a primadona when it came to attending screaming little kids like myself growing up while Big Mac took time to accomadate impressionable fans. congrats to the guy who made this collection. Very impressive

  21. I have put this collection together over the last 18 years.
    The DVD presentation took over 6 months to put together.
    Don, Thank you for watching and the positive feedback.

  22. Just a heads up there is another canseco 1/1 up for bids on the ‘Bay, Pacific or some thing.

  23. I just checked the video and it seems to be working fine–try checking your computer’s cookies, that may help.

  24. Yeah, im sure its on my end. Says I need the updated player. When I try to install it, it doesnt do anything. I’ll work on it.

  25. VERY Impressive! Jose was also my favorite player, and though i have a very nice collection of everycard up until about 2000,… yeah… you have all the “GEMS” (and one of the reasons i gave up on collecting… i just couldn’t afford all the game used and autos.. etc.).. and to sit back and think about when the 86 RR card or the 91 DR Elite were the “cards to have”… Congrats again!!!

  26. Thank you Jason.
    Yeah, its crazy to think of and see where the hobby has gone-I don’t know if it could be called progression or regression of the hobby.
    ALOT of time and probably too much money has gone into this collection over the years, but being able to share it with other collectors that can appreciate it, make it well worth it.
    Thank you again.

  27. I don’t usually comment on these things, but I gotta say…WOW!!! You haven’t seen a Canseco collection until you’ve seen this. Nice work.

  28. Firstly, kudos to you bro…your card collection is immaculate and second to none.
    I would have loved to see your memorablia too!
    Jerseys, balls, pics etc.
    I’m about your age, and have also stuck with Jose from the start…baseball just isn’t the same without him.
    I have a couple items I’ve been thinking of selling.
    I was going to ebay them, but if you’re interested, I would much rather setup a private auction for you to add to your amazing stash.
    If you’re interested, drop me an email, and I’ll tell you what I’ve got.
    Take care,

  29. Nathan,

    I’d be interested in seeing what you have available.. cards or memorabilia? I’m more of a card collector than the other stuff though.. would like to knock out more of the older needs my collection still has.. only about 10 cards now to have everything from 1983-95.

  30. I don’t know if that is a compliment or not.
    But in the future don’t you ever belittle my collection by calling my favorite player and the focal point of my collection any names.
    So if that was a compliment, thank you for the first part.
    If it wasn’t, next time you want to comment on someone’s collection they worked so hard on, hold your tongue, or better yet, just admire it from afar and keep your third grade comments to yourself.
    So thank you/ go F yourself.

  31. well i think they are all pretty!!! I love how some people like to put other collections down..its a joke, i have more Dan Uggla stuff than any one person should have, its fun..its not always an investment for future gains. People running and keeping up with a website like this all have a passion for cards and for the most part respect each other and the collections they have. It seems we have found the bad egg on the site i hope we dont let this guy spoil what has turned into a top notch site TOP NOTCH!!!!!!

  32. Awesome collection! I will always be a Canseco fan. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was always defending Canseco. Who cares Bout the steroids, he made the game exciting. He seems like a really nice guy.
    My buddy worked for a company that installed a bed in his house when he was with the A’s and he got me an autograph. That card means a lot to me.

  33. Great collection am trying to collect Julio franco (not related) Do you have any sources for old Rangers cards like the 1993 Decker #8 or the 1993 Pacific with Jose Canseco #14? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  34. OK, I’m not sure if I thought that was awesome or terribly depressing. I thought I was a huge Canseco collector, but apparently I was wrong. I have gone through and made a checklist of 3700+ cards and memorabilia for Jose, but I guess I should ask the expert. Do you HAVE a list of all his stuff, or know where I could find it? Also, a few tips on where to find cards other than ebay would be hot.

  35. Nice site and collection. I’ve been a fan of his for sometime as well. I did stop collecting a few years ago then this year went back to collecting again. Keep up the good work and collecting.

  36. any of the Canseco collectors that have posted on this trading cards at all? Im always looking to add Canseco I need to my PC. my website has my up to date wantlist posted as well as my contact info.

  37. Hello….i have a little over 400 card Jose Canseco collection including the ’86 donruss rookie card and other rookie cards. After holding onto it all these years i’m looking to sell it… i might try ebay but i thought i would check with some real fans first. I can take some pictures and send to someone interested also.

    Please let me know as i will be putting it on ebay soon

  38. I have now listed it on ebay…. my username is skykisserx

    400 card collection in a nice binder…included is a Jose Canseco wall plaque.

    bid starts at $25.00 or you can Buy It Now for $50.00


  39. Too F—n many——–I have a new 8000+ jose canseco card collection now I will start selling soon…..

  40. WOW, I just found this post, and just watched the video! I have just under 1,500 different Canseco cards myself, but I’ve never seen many of those shown in the video. Bryan, I know I’ve bought a few cards from you on e-bay. Thanks for sharing your collection. I’m always trying to add to mine as well. I too was away from the sports cards hobby for a good ten years, as I have been much more focused on football autographs. I became re-interested in the Canseco collection after looking through what I had about a year ago.

  41. I know this is a rather old post, but I came across it while searching for 1989 Donruss Blue Chip information. As luck would have it, the card I just came into that had me searching is a Canseco.

    Any interest from anyone here?

  42. hey i just watched this video and was wondering what is that thing at the end of the video with the A’s logo and stuff? Was that something Jose Made as a kid or something?

  43. I do not speak much English, but I need to talk to Brian, I’m from Caracas Venezuela and I am a collector of Jose since 1992 my name is Alejandro. Can you help me with my collection? You can locate a person who speaks Spanish and I write to my email .. please ..

  44. Bryan I saw in a magazine and my attention your collection I have a 1035 of Jose greetings to all ….

  45. I’m looking for a 1998 SPx Finite Trade Winds Spectrum card of Jose Canseco. Anyone know where I can get one?

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