Saying goodbye to Michael Bourn

For any that may not know, Wax Heaven was originally an all Jose Canseco affair. The idea was to spotlight every single Canseco card ever created. Two weeks into it I decided to change directions and blog about all baseball card related content, thus, Wax Heaven was born. The first official post was “I see Michael Bourn in my nightmares!” and for a reason. At that time I was busting one box after another and kept getting his autograph cards. I exaggerated by saying I had six, in reality I had 3 from back-to-back-to-back boxes. After that initial post, the Baseball Wax Gods took away my Bourn Karma and I never pulled another one of his signatures again.

The other day someone went to the Beckett Message Boards wanting to trade for Michael Bourn. WHAT?!? My response? “Where have you been all my life?” It took a little while to get the deal completed but in return for my 3 Bourn autographs and 3 base (Heritage, Bowman, Fleer), I am going to be getting a ton of goodies, first being this entire lot of Jose Canseco cards. I am also going to be getting about 15 Derek Jeter and 5 Andrew Miller cards! Of course, if Bourn tears up the National League next year and steals 100 bases, I am probably screwed big time.

Now if only someone would trade me a Ryan Braun rookie for my Coco Crisp 2007 Goudey autograph.



  1. Nice trade. You get rid of what you don’t want and you get a bunch of what you want. Even if Bourn has a big year you will probably still be happy with your trade.

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