Show me your “Oh Face” CONTEST!

It’s been a crazy day, Jose Canseco & the F.B.I, Chuck Knoblauch going A.W.O.L, and the Ultimate Warrior blogging about how happy he is that Heath Ledger is dead. Instead of bringing some more negativity to Wax Heaven, why not have a little fun to end the day?

If you have ever seen Office Space, then you are familiar with the “Oh Face”. If you haven’t, here is the famous scene. So now that you are up to par, have you ever pulled an “Oh Face”? If you have, leave a comment with a scan of the card it is and I will post it. The reader that posts the best “Oh Face” card will win a FREE baseball card. I will even pay the shipping. The winner will receive one of the following cards of their choice.

1. ’07 Finest Black Refractor #’d to 99 – Torii Hunter (2 A.S, 7 Gold Gloves)

2. ’07 Masterpieces ‘Stroke of Genius’ autograph – Dan Haren (A.S starter in ’07)

3. ’07 Upper Deck ‘World Series Heroes’ game-used bat – Kirby Puckett

4. Mystery Lot (refractor, autograph, game-used, or commons?)

Rules: At least 3 submissions by different readers must be made in order for the contest to become official. The “Oh Face” card MUST be a card you own. If you can’t scan it, take a camera pic. If you can’t upload it, send it to me and it will be submitted. The card can come from any era.


My famous “Oh Face” came from a pack of 1999 Upper Deck. The player was Magglio Ordonez and it did end up in my collection because at the time he was a prospect with a bright future. The problem? Every single time I would go through my cards I would get irritated by the look. I am so anal that I finally just turned the card around so I would see his stats instead of the picture on the front.


8 thoughts on “Show me your “Oh Face” CONTEST!

  1. The finest “O” face ever is 2007 Allen & Ginter Torii Hunter, but that’s too obvious. I must delve into the archives for this quest.

  2. Last year I broke down and bought a box of Upper Deck Epic baseball. It took me a while to decide on this product but it turned out to be well worth it.
    Second pack in I pulled an Epic Awesome 8 card /10 with jersey swatches of Ken Griffey, Jr, Mike Schmidt, Harmon Killabrew, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, Willey McCovey and a Babe Ruth bat piece!!!!!
    It was easily my best pull ever.
    Pictures are on their way.

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