Searching for Chucky Knoblauch

It appears that shortly after breaking his silence on his name being mentioned in the ‘Mitchell Report’ Chucky went into hiding even after insisting he had “nothing to hide”. Well, federal marshals ordered to serve Chuck with a subpoena have not been able to track him down.

Guys, by now Chuck is sitting on a beach somewhere in Kokomo getting some fun in the sun with Andres Galarraga and Chris Sabo. Fox might even do a comedy on their crazy antics titled, “Two Blind Men & The Big Cat”. Coming this Fall!


One comment

  1. No wonder the feds can’t find him. He’s hiding out in Kokomo, Indiana.

    I guess there’s more than corn in Indiana. Sorry, bad childhood referrence. Anyone who gets it, can have the satisfaction that you know it and probably grew up in the midwest.

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