Jose Canseco vs. Magglio Ordonez

Oh boy, now it is getting real dirty.

There is a rumor being passed off by ESPN as a news story claiming that Jose Canseco tried to blackmail former teammate Magglio Ordonez. The story goes that sometime in 2005 someone acting on Jose’s behalf called Magglio asking for money to fund a movie. In return, Mags would have his name kept off Jose’s next book, due March 31st, titled ‘Vindicated’.

See, I knew M.L.B was up to something when Jose’s ghostwriter quit abruptly and leaked to the media that Jose was pretty much full of it. I hinted that perhaps M.L.B paid off that writer as a way to keep bad publicity away from what is now the dirtiest sport in America. This rumor is even worse because it depicts Jose in the worst possible light when in reality, Jose himself never called and denies any of it.

It’s interesting to point out that Magglio had his very best power numbers in his 11-year career exactly one year after playing with Jose in 2001. If you think Magglio is the innocent one, you probably also believe Mark McGwire is going into the Hall of Fame. I just hope that when Canseco’s book drops just before Spring Training, Magglio’s name is all over it. The fact that the F.B.I got involved and Magglio wanted nothing to do with pressing charges speaks volumes.


  1. Yeah Magglio is the bad guy… give me a break. Canseco is obviously a piece of dirt. But you obviously don’t care and still are a fan of his and that speaks volumes. Consider this my last visit to your blog.

  2. Jason, I’m sorry to hear you will no longer visit the site but you are wrong if you think I am partial to Jose.

    How is that for me still being a “fan”? I was a huge fan up until the day he admitted to using steroids. On that day I gave up baseball and it took me 5 long years to finally watch a game again.

    I just don’t believe that Jose is the only “piece of dirt” in baseball. There are many others that are being protected and I truly believe sooner or later it will all be revealed.

    How many people really believed Jose when he accused Rafael Palmeiro? I sure as hell didn’t. I was wrong then. I believe you are wrong now.

    Thanks for the support in the past, Jason.

  3. Jason, if you are going to quit visiting someone’s blog/website based on they’re liking of Jose Canseco-YOU are the piece of dirt.
    Until it is proven that Canseco actually lied about something, even if you are not a fan, he has to be given the benefit of the doubt-like it or not.
    Be a little more mature and accept the fact that even if you don’t like Jose, he is not a liar.
    In the meantime, try to find it within yourself to be big enough to jump off of the Jose Canseco Hater Bandwagon and respect the fact that, to this point, he is the only truthful one since this whole steroid scandal began.
    Jason, don’t hate the player-Hate the game.

  4. Mario, I enjoy your blog and will return to read it even though I completely disagree with you on this.

    It would seem to be an extreme step for Magglio Ordonez to concoct a story about Jose Canseco bribing him to keep his name “clear” in the book. Why not wait until the book comes out and then fight it. I think Ordonez did exactly what you would hope any MLB player would do when apparently extorted by somebody outside of baseball (whether it be a bookie, the mob, etc.), he notified team officials.

    Also, if Canseco had first hand knowledge of Ordonez using at that time he published his first book, why not name Ordonez at the time? Canseco proved a lot of critics wrong the first time, but this seems extremely desperate (kind of like selling ones trophies and rings).

  5. Mark, thanks for your comment.

    My belief is that Magglio and his people created this story to brace themselves in case Jose does name him. Of course, even the story on ESPN is just rumors and hear-say so I will wait.

    Certainly, if it turns out to be true that Jose was trying to blackmail Magglio I will post about it here. I just believe judging by the fallout of the first book and despite his reality tv blunders, Jose deserves the benefit of the doubt at least just this one time.

  6. I agree with Mark. Making up such a story seems pretty out there. I hold a lot of respect for Maggs and I support him 100%.

  7. Yipe, the FBI is involved? This whole story is getting crazy now. If I were Jose, I’d lay low and watch my back for a while. Go hide out with Knoblauch for a while. MLB is obviously irritated by him since his book was one of the things that really shined a light on the steroid culture. The fact that they have ex-Senators (or ‘lobbyists’ as they are commonly known) on their side means they can get help from some pretty powerful people. The last thing Jose wants is to get the Feds after him.

  8. MLB = WWE

    Corked bats and MORE drugs.

    George J. Mitchell is a lying sack of crap. THEY ALL DOPE and he (ESPN) bought the drugs!

    Sen Mitchell was Disney-ESPN chairman 2004-2006 and paid MLB $9 BILLION + fpor TV rights.

    Nike swoosh.

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