If you can’t buy ’em…

…write about ’em!

It’s January 24th and this is the 100th blog of the month. Of course, I had a little help this month from Adam G., my former blog Bash Brother who was traded to St. Louis (Blogger) a couple of weeks ago. With Adam now out of the picture and working on one hell of a prospects blog on his site, you can expect to see Wax Heaven go back to strictly baseball card-related posts from this point on.

There are also a ton of new blogs to feature. Auto-Matic for the People is Dayf’s new blog about nothing other than autograph cards. At first I was a little hesitant about yet another guy with two blogs but this one has turned out to be pretty interesting and has a shot to crack the ‘Top 7’ of Wax Heaven someday.

There is also The Ugly Baseball Card Blog, which is a take on ‘The Baseball Card Blog’ and it works. The Blogger features nothing but ugly baseball cards. I like it! Let’s hope he features this card soon!

Things Done To Baseball Cards is Steve G.’s second blog as well. Don’t tell him I said so, but I like it even more than his first! Keep up the great posts, Steve!

On Base Autos is an autograph blog as well, but not like ‘Auto-Matic for the People. The owner does not blog about autograph cards he has pulled from packs or purchased. Instead, he features cards that he was able to get autographed in person. So far so good!

Last, but not least is ‘For The Love of Baseball‘ a blog created (against my wishes) by my wife and fellow collector, Tatiana. It has actually turned out pretty interesting so far. She writes mostly about her Derek Jeter & Hanley Ramirez collection and will update every time she adds a card of when a celebrity she likes passes away. 😉



  1. Funny you should ask about the Miller, I was going to ask where that Bumgarner came from? Should we open up formal discussions?

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