Heavenly Collections – Stan Musial

Chris was about 9 years old when he bought his first pack of wax in 1982. Sometime in 1985 after running out of cards to buy he began looking through some of the older cards at his local baseball card store. One card in particular caught his eye, a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial. Chris handed the owner $20 and walked out with his first Stan The Man baseball card. By 1991, Chris headed off to college and forgot all about his card collection until one fateful day in 2005 when he curiously typed “Stan Musial” in the eBay search and was shocked out how many new cards of Musial were being produced. Not having seen any cards since 1991, the game-used relics and autographs were a whole new world to Chris and from that point on he returned to the hobby full speed.

Below are some of Chris’ favorite Stan Musial cards. You can check his personal website for his collection of more than 400 base Musial cards, 7 game-used, and 16 autographs, all on card!

Published by Mario A.

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2 thoughts on “Heavenly Collections – Stan Musial

  1. Man, a Stan Musial Rookie card for 20 bucks. I miss the 80’s. Those autograph cards are awesome.

  2. My best hit since I started collecting baseball cards again is still a 2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection auto-relic. It looks a lot like the Heritage auto-relic pictured. In fact, whoever wrote the “07/25” on that card wrote the numbers on my card, too.

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