I said no, no, no.

Baseball Card rehab, that is.

Just when it looked like things could not get any better my world crashed down on me, financially. Apparently, I have not made a car payment in a couple of months. Also, my student loans haven’t been getting paid as well. It looks as if I will not be buying any ’08 wax until my payments get back on track. This really sucks because I was planning on getting a box of Bowman’s Best on the 30th of January but instead I have to make two car payments that day just to keep from getting my car repo’d.

As far as school, I was going to the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale for Video Production. I am thinking of maybe switching over to Photography and maybe getting my foot in the door of sports photography. Hopefully one day I can be that guy on the field snapping photos of Jose Canseco and selling it to Upper Deck. Oh, you didn’t hear? Jose is coming back!

So stay tuned to Wax Heaven. I might not be able to buy the newest, high-end products in 2008 but I am always plotting and there are still plenty of big surprises on the horizon….just no Bowman’s Best.