Heavenly Collections – Derek Jeter

22 01 2008

In just a short time doing these ‘Heavenly Collections’ we have seen some pretty amazing cards. This one might hit close to home because of my wife’s new interest in collecting and that fact that she loves Derek Jeter. We have been scouring eBay looking for our first Jeter autograph but in the meantime, Nelson’s amazing collection will hold us over! If that name doesn’t quite ring a bell, this might. Yup. Those are his cards as well. One might wonder how one is blessed to own two ‘Heavenly Collections’ like these. Currently, Nelson has over 300 Derek Jeter base cards, over 60 game-used relics, and 30 autographs!

What’s next for this die-hard Yankees fan? Well, he would like to meet his favorite player, Derek Jeter and “B.S” a little bit. Wouldn’t we all?





8 responses

23 01 2008
Jay B.

Killer Collection! I agree Jeter, is such an all around player. Good Luck on meeting Jeter, I’m sure the line starts around the block!

23 01 2008

In regards to my Brad Renfro post: James Dean was only in three big movies as well. I rest my case.

24 01 2008
The Infamous Tatiana

I am definitely jealous. Jesus. What sexy Jeter cards he has!!!

18 02 2008

Great cards! Love the triple auto!

1 03 2008
Derek Jeter

Im giving a way free cards at our Spring Training game on Sunday…

1 03 2008
Mario C.

Okay “Mr. Jeter”….

1 03 2008

Is that really Derek Jeter?????

1 03 2008
Mario C.

Highly doubt it.

Tatiana is working on a letter to send to Yankees spring training with a card to sign. A blog should be coming soon for that.

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