Buyer Remorse…?

I bought this card on eBay in the second week of January for right at low book value. It was one of those purchases I do now and then where I see something I like but the total price (cost + shipping) is a little high. So in order to reduce the cost via combined shipping, I’ll look over the other items that the seller has running. I think I was originally looking at a Priest Holmes jersey card or something, and I found this one as an add-on. Turns out, this one is the only one I wasn’t outbid on. So I figured OK, that’s nice – I have a neat looking dual jersey card of the Orioles’ All-Star infielders.

I don’t have a whole lot of Orioles besides Jim Palmer and a few others who I collect as individual players. The O’s are basically the home team (along with the Nationals now) where I live. So I follow them throughout the season, but haven’t been to many games. They haven’t been winning a lot lately, but these two were probably the best two players in the starting lineup, at least as far as overall talent with both a bat and glove. Miggy was my favorite Oriole because of his apparent passion for the game and leadership. And he was just fun to watch. Roberts was the clutch lead-off man with a good range at second base. Apparently the chicks think he’s cute, too.

But right after I got the card in the mail, things went to Hell. The Mitchell Report came out the same week, and both players were named on it. And Tejada became an ex-Oriole when he was shipped off to Houston for LHP Troy Patton, OF Luke Scott, RHP Matt Albers, RHP Dennis Sarfate and non-roster 3B Michael Costanzo. (Uh, who???). Roberts is also on the trading block. I thought he had already been dealt to the Cubs, but that’s still a rumor at this point.

So now, instead of a dual materials card of the All-Star double play combo sluggers for my home team, I have a card that depicts the new shortstop for the Astros who wrote checks to pay for banned substances, was traded for several no-names, and who is under investigation for lying under oath. And the other guy is the soon-to-be-ex second bagger who admitted trying steroids, but at least thought better of it. Hopefully we’ll get a name player for him, he’s still got some redeeming qualities…

I wonder if all the controversy will increase or decrease the card’s value? I suppose I’ll keep the card to remind me of their playing time here, but it sure has a whole different value to me than when I bought it.


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