The forgotten ‘Killer B’…

I guess this is what happens when you don’t cheat. At 38 years of age and with 16 seasons under his belt, Bobby Bonilla clearly had lived a full baseball life, unlike his former partner in crime, Barry Bonds. Barry, at just two years younger than Bonilla went on to shatter the Home Run Record the same year Bobby’s career came to a close. What makes one 38 year old man break down while a 36 year-old man can go on to have one of the “greatest” seasons in the history of baseball? Well, I don’t know about you but it’s clear to me the answer is somewhere in the ‘Mitchell Report’.

While they both played in Pittsburgh the ‘Killer B’s’ weren’t all that different. Barry went on to have three 20+ home run seasons and two 30+ home run seasons. Bobby, had two 20+ home run seasons and one 30+ home run seasons. Certainly, you would never imagine either two to someday possibly hit 50, 60, or 73 home runs but together they were successful and the National League’s version of the poor man’s ‘Bash Brothers’.

Bobby, while not remembered for his numbers did go on to have two more 20+ home run seasons and one more 30+ home run season. He ended his career with close to 300 home runs and well over 1,000+ R.B.I, along with being a 6-time all-star and coming in 2nd and 3rd in the M.V.P voting in 1990-91.

Although Bobby never quite made a name for himself like Barry ‘Steroids’ Bonds, he does have something that Barry will never have (well, besides a clean criminal record)….a World Series ring.


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