Sammy and his corked bat hit the road

Sammy Sosa, the only man to have three 60+ home run seasons has walked away from the Texas Rangers after they hinted at Sammy having less playing time in 2008. In 114 games in 2007 Sosa still managed to hit 21 home runs and drive in 92 runners but his average was an abysmal .252, plus he struck out 112 times.

Sosa believes he is still an everyday player but has hit no higher than .253 in the last four seasons. He is looking for just the “right situation” but what teams wants to pay a 39 year-old who will strike out 100+ times and hit .240? Sammy’s options are limited at this point. It seems that at this point in his career there is no other choice but to call it a career or join a club and start 80-90 games and come off the bench the rest of the way.

What team wouldn’t want a pinch-hitter with 609 career home runs?



  1. For every home run he hits, he will be in three key situations where he will whiff and leave baserunners on, potentially losing the game.

  2. I will miss his smile but I need his spot in the lineup for someone I can count on. I like Todd’s idea of the Royals signing him.

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