Jose making a comeback (no joke)

21 01 2008

This is the best news I have heard in a long time. Jose Canseco wants to make it back to the majors. He attempted a comeback in 2005 and was even invited to the Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training but ultimately ended up playing for the Long Beach Armada in an Independent League.

At 43 years of age I don’t think he has much of a shot at making a comeback but at the very least he might join another small-time league for a few long home runs and maybe one or two relief pitching appearances.

Good luck, Jose!




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21 01 2008

FYI – Canseco autographed ball on eBay for 99 cents opening bid.

Thought you’d be interested.

21 01 2008

I love the name of the new show…”No Way Jose”…lol!

21 01 2008

Is that really Canseco’s autograph?

22 01 2008
Mario C.

The “J” looks familiar but the last name doesn’t at all.

Hmm….and it only sold for $5, too.

23 01 2008

I would love it if Jose made a comeback-that would mean more cards for the collection.
But lets face it the MLB Mafia will never let Jose back in the league. In 2002 Jose offered to play for free, but still couldn’t manage to get a roster spot-interesting…..

23 01 2008

Jose had one of the autographs on Maxim’s Top “I’m sorry” autograph list. This list cracks me up – here’s a link to it from my blog:

Sorry to put my blog there, but I didn’t want to go out to the Maxim site and grab the URL while I’m at work! Doh!

23 01 2008

Oh yeah – I’d like to see Jose give it a shot. 400+ HRs coming off the bench in a pinch-hitting role is pretty huge these days.

I’d rather Jose get a shot to tie the game in the ninth than Marlin Anderson or Jose Offerman or some other journeyman.

23 01 2008
Mario C.

He is 38 home runs away from 500 and can probably get into some kind of playing shape but baseball will never allow it.

Also, he looks like he weighs about 210-220 these days. He might not have the same power anymore.

24 01 2008
The Infamous Tatiana

I won’t hold my breath….

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