Bo Knows Baseball Cards

Back in the late 80’s there was a man challenging Jose Canseco for the popularity crown in baseball. His name was Bo Jackson and to this day many in the sports media believe he was the greatest athlete to ever play the sport. While he was an exciting and extremely popular player, statistically his numbers have aged horribly. First, Bo played seasons four of 100+ games before his injury yet was able to hit 30+ only once, in 1989. That year Jose got more votes than any other Major League Player and that is without playing a single game. That’s right, he sat the first half of the season with a broken wrist. That didn’t stop his fans (i.e ; me) from voting Jose into the all-star game.

In 1991 Bo Jackson suffered a severe injury that immediately ended his football days and would slowly kill his baseball career as well. I can only imagine what Bo could have done had he ditched football and given baseball 100% of his time and effort. After his injury, the Kansas City Royals dumped him to the Chicago White Sox where he made a nice comeback and played two seasons before being traded to the Angels in 1994. In his final season, at just 31 years of age, a half-crippled Bo Jackson hit 13 home runs and 43 R.B.I in just over 200 at-bats. When the 1994 strike ended the season early, Bo quietly retired.

Although his time in the baseball spotlight was a quick one, no one will ever forget the amazing Bo Jackson. If you are in a nostalgic mood, check out this old commercial during the “Bo Knows” era on YouTube.



  1. I don’t think it’s fair to compare one of the best athletes to ever play the sport to a guy who probably wouldn’t have had more than a cup of coffee if it wasn’t for his cheating.

  2. Thank you Mario. You just reminded me of a Bo Jackson story that I will post on my blog in the next few days.

  3. Who can forget the massive homerun Bo hit in the All-Star game, was it ’89 or ’90? Rick Reuschel (I probably butchered the spelling) pitching if I recall correctly. Nailed it over the center field fence in his first at-bat. Just amazing.

  4. I think what truly endeared him to the media was when he walked up the center field wall to make a catch.

  5. Why is Ted’s head not cracked like his daughter claimed it was in storage?
    Bo was an exciting player to watch on the field. My sister was at Auburn when he played and I caught some games. When the War Eagles made the baseball rounds I was able to actually meet him. Huge (Shaquille O’Neal size) thighs and a powerful grip. Nearly broke my hand. He was 0 – 4 that day but he signed a ball for me. Always enjoy a good Bo story. Thanks.

  6. That Score card you have on the bottom is my second favorite Bo card, my first favorite though has to be 1987 Topps. As good as he was, you just always had the feeling he wasn’t giving 100% in baseball like he was in football. You are right, if he totally dedicated himself to baseball he would have put up some incredible numbers.

  7. I still have that Score Bo Jackson card. Does anyone remember the Classic card company?? They put out a “Nolan Knows Bo” card with Nolan Ryan holding that homo-erotic Bo Jackson card.

  8. I would kill for that Score Bo Jackson card. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It’s original and captures both talents that this man was blessed with. It is a shame about his career, but he is still amazing.

  9. When i was around 8 or 9, I recieved a few BO KNOWS cards for my birthday. They are all in black and white, and say either ‘bo knows baseball’, ‘bo knows football’, or both…Each one has bo in shoulder pads/ holding a bat in pads. Ive looked all over and cant find the value.The only logo is on one-and it says Grand Slam Baseball…any clues or ideas-thanks.

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