When Stale Gum speaks, we listen

15 months ago I was an outsider in the baseball card universe. I had not collected in a decade, had barely even kept up with baseball. One day while surfing the web I came across a link by accident, ‘The Baseball Card Blog’. I was immediately hooked and a couple of weeks later I bought my first wax box since the Clinton Administration. Fast forward a few months before the explosion of baseball card blogs. I decided to open a blog about nothing more than Jose Canseco cards. I e-mail the owner of the B.C.B about a link exchange. It was ignored. No biggie, right? Two weeks into the blog I decided that I want to expand and be a blog about all cards and create Wax Heaven. Again, another e-mail and nothing. I knew I provided a different perspective in the card blogosphere but without my first supporter, it would take a long time to get noticed. Out of all the cards blogs, I go to what appears to be the ‘Godfather’ of blogs Stale Gum and shoot him an e-mail for a link exchange and being a great guy, he replies, “sure, why not?” To this date, out of all the blogs that link here, he brings the most traffic. Thanks, Chris!

So much like the good card bloggin’ citizen he is, Chris has posted an article on how to succeed in card blogging just in case you were thinking about becoming a fellow baseball card blogger, although the article can be used for anyone who wants to start blogging.

P.S – since the beginning of me writing this short post, 12 new blogs have been created.


One comment

  1. The more blogs on the hobby the better! The rise in blogging has added a great deal of energy and education to the hobby. I think the decline in good local hobby shops has created a vaccum that blogs are filling. The view points we used to recieve at local hobby shops is being replaced by the blog environment.

    I think we can all benefit from the different view points and opinions of the blog environment.

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