I am too dedicated…?

Following the suggestion of Stale Gum’s ‘How To Be A Successfull Card Blogger” I decided to reveal to the world a little about myself. My name is Mario Alejandro, a card collector for life, even during the long decade breaks. I started collecting when at 9 years old I conned my mother into getting me a pack of what I thought was playing cards. Instead, as it turned out, it was some cheap oddball ‘Ames All-Stars‘, cards about a sport I knew nothing about. One of the cards pulled was of a muscular man looking to kill the baseball, his name was Jose Canseco and from there I became a collector.

I am now 27, married to a beautiful woman, who thankfully enjoys my hobby and I have a 23-month old son named London Christopher. If he doesn’t become a model, he will grow up to be the next Manny Ramirez.

Wax Heaven is 2 1/2 months old and the reason I post as much as I do is because I have Internet at work. Well, apparently I have been caught on the security monitors one too many times at Wax Heaven. 😉

So anyways, to anyone who enjoys this place, make sure to visit Sunday morning! Not only are we going to get a make-over (layout, colors, banner), but there will also be a debut I am sure you will enjoy. In the meantime, if you have been a silent reader or a frequent commenter, tell me and the rest of us a little about yourself, what you collect, what you do for a living, anything.

-Mario A.



  1. Hello.
    My name is Joe and I am a collector.

    The first time I purchased (with Grandma Helen’s money) cards was in the checkout line of Jitney Jungle. That was in 1981. Since then I have been a team collector first. Set collector second. Reds first. All else second. It has been a love / love relationship. I love the cards (even 1989 Score) and the card companies love my money. My family has stood by my side and I guess you can call them enablers. I have been enjoying teaching my 6 Godsons all about the hobby and how to collect because you like it and not for profit right now. That comes later down the road. They are all football or basketball collectors and are reward for good grades, good deeds and good play on the field with Autos, jersey and high end refractors I purchase for them. But they earn them. They are not given away. The Godson with the best grades this year get a Magic / Bird / Dr. J 1981 Topps I have had since I first opened the packs in 81. They are loving it. That is my story. I am an addict addicting others.

  2. Never too much dedication! I really enjoy your blog and reading the others. I enjoy collecting cards too, but card collecting is the 2nd tier of my hobby. I get most of my enjoyment from the autograph market, meeting the players, and getting different pieces signed. That’s why I started the http://sportslocker.blogspot.com/ last fall. Since then I have really liked finding other blogs (like Wax Heaven). I really believe this outlet is filling the vacuum left by the closing of local hobby shops.

  3. I’m Mike and I’m a collector.

    Feels good to say that, in the real world I’m a research chemist. In my other world I write about bad wax (badwax.net). I started collecting in 1978, mainly because of cards I’d get a burger king. Seeing that I liked collecting my dad let me go hog wild for the next decades gobbling up any box of wax I could get my hands on. In my whole life of collecting I have pulled only one big dollar insert card. A Don Larson jersey card. Other than that, it’s just garage sales, eBay and Craigslist.

    Great blog Mario, don’t get caught too much online.

  4. I’ve been reading and enjoying your stuff and just recently started a blog of my own. Thought I’d de-lurk to say “hey”.

  5. My name is Todd, I’m 30 and have been collecting since 1987 when mom took me to a card show and I got the ’87 Topps set plus several cards of my favorite player, George Brett. I’ve spent way too much money on cards over the years and have boxes upon boxes to show for it! Now I still look for the Brett’s but I enjoy finding and buying types, like I’ll buy several different packs of football and if I find a design I like I’ll continue to buy them. right now I’m working on the ’07 UD Masterpieces Baseball. I also like to splurge about ones a month and buy a higher end pack to see what I can get for a hit or two! I’ll put in a plug for the local shop and my fav too…. The Rookie in Des Moines, IA. If your close stop in and say hi to Anders he’s a great shop owner!

  6. I post to my blog at work too. I’ve even been known to bust a box or three early in the morning or during my lunch break. I guess I like the perverse high gained by doing something naughty at work. Hey, please feel free to stop by my blog and give it a read. Leave some comments if you’d like too!!!


  7. My name is Tatiana and I am the wife to the creator of WaxHeaven, a mother to an amazing 2 yr old baby boy, and a baseball card collector. Just recently, I opened my own baseball card blog. It probably won’t be as popular as half of the blogs out there, but if you ever want to see a glimpse into my collecting, stop by and send me a little hello. 🙂
    I collect Derek Jeter and Hanley Ramirez.

  8. My name is Jason or JT. I live in northern Kentucky and work for a local police dispatch center. I don’t really collect right now, but I have a ton of cards in boxes in the closet. I need to pull them out, seeing all these great blogs has brought back a flood of memories.

    My blog is http://thewritersjourney.wordpress.com and it has turned into more of a sports blog than anything else, though it was never intended to be that.

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