Does Jose really have “dirt” on A-Rod?

A couple of weeks ago Jose Canseco’s ghost writer hired to pen the sequel to the book that shook baseball forever, “Juiced” abruptly quit. A day later he began spouting off at the mouth that Jose didn’t have enough material for a book. My first instinct was that someone paid this guy off to do this in the public as a way to discredit Jose. After all, baseball’s all-time Home Run King has been subpoenaed for lying and legendary pitcher has appeared in the infamous Mitchell Report. Can you imagine if baseball’s Golden Boy, A-Rod was accused of using Steroids in Jose’s new book? It would be a crushing blow that the sport may not survive.

Well, yesterday, Jose’s publisher dumped him and his ‘Vindicated’ sequel. What gives? Does Jose really have nothing on A-Rod this time around? What makes matters worse is that while he has found a new publisher, the new ghost writer is the guy that penned O.J’s slimy ‘If I Did It’ book. Talk about a downgrade, Jose. Why are you so fucking desperate to ruin the little vindication you earned in 2005 by aligning yourself with scum like Pablo Fenjves.

Jose, you are on your own on this one. You have disappointed me for the last time.



  1. I’m looking forward to the book. I figure there may be a grain of truth, though possibly embellished and probably unsubstantiated. But still, why implicate him if there is not even anecdotal evidence? It may not stand up in a court of law, but it’s in the court of public opinion that most of these players will have to seek mercy.

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