46 under the radar?

See, this is what happens when I miss most of the 2007 season. A guy from Tampa Bay hit 46 home runs and I didn’t even know about it! That of course answers the age-old question, “if a Dominican playing for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays hits close to 50 home runs and there is no one there to witness it, does it count?” The answer is yes, unfortunately.

The funny thing is that this is his first big season in 7 years. Clearly he has some nice pop in his bat that can account for 20-25 home runs a year (stats) but to hit 46 in just 148 games in 2008 doesn’t leave me with a good feeling. Is this the case of a below-average slugger hitting his prime a little late (29) or just the results of Juice, HGH, or other supplements cheaters use?

It’s a new year and I have decided to give Carlos the benefit of the doubt. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be another big flop like Milwaukee’s Bill Hall.


One comment

  1. If you are NOT endorsed by Nike or a TV Network client—you are irrelevent.

    MLB = WWE

    Clemens, Bonds, Schilling, Glavine all play at low levels of skill, talent—yet are wheeled out for freak value and inflated statistics.

    Show business is about acting and posing.


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