2007 Upper Deck Goudey


Truth be told, I didn’t want to buy this stuff. No, I don’t have a prejudice against small cards it’s just that there is nothing that great about it. As mentioned, I buy my cards from a mainly an all comic book shop with a small section of cards and all the baseball he had left I had gone through already with the exception of the $280 box of Bowman’s Best which I could not see myself buying…yet.

Design – A – The cards look great! Nice artwork, unlike some other 2007 releases and the size of the cards don’t take away from the product. The autograph had a “clean” feel and the game-used relic stood out from others I have pulled in the past.

Price – C – Maybe my store had it marked up but for $105 I don’t think you get enough. Two guaranteed hits was nice and I did get a box topper with a $25 book value and 4-5 short print cards but a little pricey for the product.

Pulls – B– I can’t complain. I got all the stars, all the semi-stars, and some nice Hall of Fame retired players but the autograph was awful.

Overall – B – I got a huge amount of cards and two great-looking “hits”. The design looks awesome and the player selection is great but as high a grade as I gave it…I would have to think twice about busting it in ’08 unless the autograph selection improves.




  1. You should have gotten 12 short prints in the box. All the Big Head cards the Infamous Tatiana was giggling over are SP’s as well as the Hall of Famers like Boggs and Carew. They are easy to spot, they are all green backs numbered 200 and over. If you’re interested in a set, post your want list and I’ll add some to the Canseco pile.

  2. So let me ask you . . . Is this a base set you are going to go for? I have only seen these in hobby baxes, do they also come retail? How many cards did you get in a box and how many are in the base set? Also how steamed were you about a Coco Crisp auto?

  3. I don’t do any sets. All my 20+ boxes I have busted have been seperated into commons and stars. I am a player collector so I like to see the collection for each of my players grow. For example, I am not a big Griffey fan but from the boxes I have opened I have 10-15 of his cards, including parallels, game-used, etc.

    Don’t know how many cards total. I am sure Dayf can answer that. The Coco, I am hoping I can use it as trade bait with a Red Sox collector.

  4. Better do it soon before he get’s traded to the Twins, if that happens maybe Neshek will trade with you. Did you see his auto collection? Crazy! Of course he does have an inside track to get them.

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