Wax Heaven vs. Pack Searcher

So I wrote a little article about a pack searcher and wouldn’t you know? Someone found him on MySpace. I decided to e-mail him the link to show him he is now “famous” and he goes on to leave me comments about suing me if I don’t remove his very awesome photo. Of course, that means another email from me. Here is the actual e-mail.

His response is something about bringing kids to him. Michael Jackson?

My response

His final response before blocking me



  1. Wow That is one seriously deranged douchebag! Look, I understand searching the packs for the hits, but why? Why do people always feel the need to cheat the system? I first learned how to do this in the mid 80s with rack packs, where you could thumb through each card in each pack. Then the companies wised up and put wax packs in the sleeves. This is why Walmart and Target had to go to blister packs for their packs. The truth is no matter how “good” he says he is the best he’ll do is 1 in 3. For every one pack he has a hit, there will be 2 he guessed wrong on. By the way if he is such a rocker, why is he scrounging packs for inserts?? Won’t that ruin his rep? Or maybe he’s just a poser, someone who has guitars and stumbles their way through playing power chords. And what’s with the Yanni look anyways?

  2. I had hair down to the small of my back on and off for the past 15 years. I, too, play guitar. But I’ll never be as lame as this guy because I have a conscience that allows me not to do unscrupulous things like that. Plus, the need to cheat and brag about it is not only stupid, but a cry for help. This guy has children? I feel bad for his kids. It sounds like their “playa wannabe” father needs some anger management counseling. It takes a small mind to cheat and brag and a smaller mind to defend it.

  3. This shit is why I will never, ever, put my photograph on the internet.

    And RE: Bad Wax guy:
    Pack searchers are equal to kid diddlers? Dude, lighten up.

    That’s enough internet drama for me today, I’m going to go off and actually enjoy my hobby.

  4. You know how much of a coward this guy is? He un-blocked me from MySpace to send me another message and then blocked me again.

    Good one! 😉

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